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Posted 1/6/09
(Please start your rp here!

When rping, please use different colours when speaking between master and servant so that other people can easily see whos who)
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Posted 1/6/09
Far into the north of Great Britain on top of the frozen grounds of Glasgow, stood a massive temple looming over gravestones. A language, long forgotten, at one time etched in memory on these stones, had long since eroded to an illegible state. At the plateau’s centre stood the dilapidated temple. Shattered remains of windows, artistic carvings but a mere memory of themselves, the great doors maimed beyond repair, and seemingly not by time alone. The dusky interior of this once great building held no more hope, than that which stood outside. The hallways, corridors, and great galleries all filled with the bones of protectors which stood as guards aeons ago. The remnants of the men lived only to show their last great struggle, a vast fight, of which no man knows.

Within the dark chambers of the ruined temple, there stood two hooded figures in robes of intricate weavings. Each figure was hidden in darkness shrouding the whole chamber and yet none were disturbed by the lack of light for each had their own methods of enhancing their visions.

Yet again you fail to grasp the true meaning of this spell, this is bad for time is running out.” spoke the first figure, shaking his head in annoyance.
“I’m afraid time has already run out,” whispered the second figure, “I received a message from one of Magi Branches that the grail war is starting soon once again. Say, tell me once more why you’re bothering to train me in the first place.”

“Hmmm, very well, we shall continue this training as we travel across the seas to the western countries. As for your question, I am training you because you seem to lack in focusing large quantities of magical energies. Don’t get me wrong when I say this, for you truly have a massive amount of magical energy within you, but even with all that energy, if you cant focus it onto a target then its nothing more then useless baggage.”

“Hey I managed to summon you didn’t I? and not only that but I also know all the basic spells in regards to wind and water specs.” growled the second figure.

“This is no game, Danny, if you intend to run around without a proper grasp of your powers then it only stands to reason that your power will bring pain and destruction in its wake. I know this for not only I am your ancestor but I have already experienced this in my own past. Do not worry, for I swear that you will have mastered all that I have to teach you by the time we reach the western continent."

With the meeting in conclusion, as like the shadows receding from the morning sun, both master and servant departed upon their path.
Posted 1/7/09
In a dark alley way.
Zepar: Hmmmm i wonder if there are any masters around = /
Lancer: Careful you don't seem to get the concept quite yet.
Zepar: Oh i get it we pretty much just go against a master and servant and keep winning till we reach the top.
Lancer: You make it sound all so easy
the two continue down their way in the alley.
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Posted 1/7/09 , edited 1/7/09
"So what exactly are you?" asked Danny staring at the spiritial essence of his servent, "you claim to be a different branch of the Caster spec yet I cant sense the typical 'caster' aura from you."

"Ha," barked a voice beneath the hood hiding the servant's face, "of the Caster specs there are the traditional mages and the combat mages. The traditional type are the typical wimps who stay in the rear casting spells. As for the combat mage spec, we fight our opponents in close range."

"So you fight your opponents in close range... doesnt that mean you are putting yourself at unnessesary risk to cast spells of powerful magnitude?"

"Do not under estimate the combat mages Danny Kurugia, if you want me to dumb it down a level, then think of a monk or a martial artist possessing both it's default skills and a Caster's skills. After all, in the old days, we were known as the Combat Mage"

"Combat Mage... another branch of the many servant classes am i correct?"

"In a sense yes... or rather I suppose you can call it a hybrid class. Anyway," laughed the servant, "I think its time that you stopped speaking to me seeing as how you seem to getting a lot of unwanted attention."

"Huh?" looking around Danny realized that he was the center of attention to those few bored citizens who were also on board the jumbo jet.

"Look mamma, that man is talking to himself," said a small child pointing at Danny.
"hush child, dont pay any attention to that man." spoke the mother.

Sigh... all this attention is getting awkward... thought Danny.
Posted 1/7/09
high in the mountain of the Himalayas stood an abandon temple of the long lost civilization of the great dragoon race, know for their mighty strength in controlling and enslaving fierce beast. There a boy stood drawing magic circle and holding a book with one hand.

*Chanting* "lord of the great dragon Azeal, grant me the power to summon a mighty warrior of the north under my command, whos power can erase anything in my path, AS THE HEIR OF THE CRONOS CLAN I WILL MAKE A CONTRACT WITH THEE!!!! RISE FORM YOUR SLUMBER!!!! SERVANT OF THE LONG LOST RACE!!!!!"

*the sky turned dark as night and heavy rain started to fall black mist appeared around the magic circle and a black figure risen from it and a symbol appearing on the boy right hand*

"are you my master?" *staring at the lil boy with blood shot red eyes*

"yes... yes i am..." *sweat running down his head*

*walking closer to the boy he looked down on him* "are you really my master?"

*shaking in fear* "yes i am"

*smack and sent the boy flying and hitting a nearby wall* "tsk great stuck with another pip squeak"

*staggering to get up* "Oi you big ugly %&*$ why you do that for!!!!!"

"the names Tung call me Tung-sama from now on" *evil glance at the boy*


*picking his ears* "yeh yeh whatever"

"come the holy grail war is starting soon we need to get back" *angrily walking away*

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Posted 1/8/09 , edited 1/8/09
"What is your Alignment? I mean, were you an holy crusader in the ancient times? or were you a diabolical monster that raided towns and cities?" asked Danny as he stepped off the Canadian Airport and walked towards a waiting taxi.

"Ha! Those labels are meaninless to me. The only one you would be able to use would be calling me an enigma. If you were to place two armys on the board, one labeled as 'good' and the other as 'evil' I personally would attack both. The only thing that matters to me is to keep an orderly balance in this world. Not too much evil, and not too much good. An equal balance of sort."

"Some people would call that evil, I guess the best way of describing it would be neutral or maybe chaotic neutral?... brrrr why did it get so cold suddenly?" shivering in cold, Danny asked.

"Say. What are those fancy looking carriages for?" asked the servant staring quizically at the vehicles roaming around the streets

"You mean the cars? they are for moving around long distances easily. I dont really like them though, because these cars and the factories that make em pollute our world."

"So if some paranormal event were to happen, the people in jurisdiction of this time... what would they do?"

"well I would assume that they would arrest everyone in or near the site in question for... well... questioning... and since this is Quebec, not being able to speak the language french is a really big disadvantage if i were to be arrested."

"In that case... I suggest that you start running."


"You fool! You idiot!" screamed Danny, as he ran down the dark alley away from the flasing lights of the police sirens. "What possessed you to obliterate every single vehicle in front of that airport!?"

"You mean those horseless carriages? I didnt obliterate them, I simply converted those solid matter into mana. Besides its a win win situation, I gain more mana, and in turn, theres a tiny less pollution in this side of the world." spoke his spiritual servant

"That doesnt matter! To those who arnt a magi, it looked like total obliteration! DAMNIT!" Danny screamed into the night air.
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