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Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/6/09
this is where you put infomation about your characters their name, and the titles they hold, some infomaion about their past and goals. and put up pics of them too

the rules

1. no quoates
2. no offtopic posts
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27 / F / uk
Posted 1/6/09 , edited 2/15/09
my charters for example

Name: megami
title: Empress & Duchess, sound witch
past: her father died when she was a child her mother quickly remairried and had a child megami's half sister charunetra ever since she was a young child she could look thougth the mirror to the other side a world others cant see a few years back her other self came to her rescue and was the beging of a deadly pact, she when on a rampage and she never forgave her self after wards she burried that part of her but when she meets demonica it sets off her past self
goals: to erase her past

title:Empress & Duchess, sound witch
race: wraith
past: her parents where exucted during the revelotion again th monarcy in her land she comes from the other side of the mirror where all sorts of creatrues live she came thougth to this world beacuse megami was in danger but she killed everyone inclueing her love
goals: never to be known

real name: unknown
alias: alexis
title: god of fear
race: god
age: appares 18
past: she is one of the eldest of the gods of creaton how ever she was feard from the very begining she has no true form you see what she wants you to see
goals: to breack free

(as the butcheress)
(monster form)

title: The Butcheress, Monsteress, Villainess
race: monster
past: a monster that enjoys the suffering of others its unknow why shes liek ti or what her intentions are however depsite this she is nice, kind gerous and over protective
goals: if you found them out then you would soon find your self dead

name: terro(ist)
race: doll
classification :Real illusion
history: the doll demonica manipulates some times she uses it to scare others or use for her own purpous it follows her where ever she gose
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F / Music Wonderland?
Posted 1/7/09 , edited 11/21/09
I'm leaving this group..
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28 / F / Romania
Posted 1/7/09 , edited 1/8/09

Name: Helena
Title: Countess of the purple spider lilly
Race: Half goddess
Age: Unknown
Past: She is a descendant of Bastet and thout a half goddess how swinging between good and bad tendencies.She know how to protect and devote herself to her loved ones while occasionally neglecting her own interests. She possess an inner strength and agility which help her to recognize her hidden enemies and thus triumph over them. Most of her past is a mystery thuots she was given Nepenthe by the Egyptian queen, which is a magical potion that quells all sorrows with forgetfulness.Which lead her to forgeting most of her past and also her powers.
Goals: Trys to remember her past so she can awaken her powers.
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24 / F / Philippines!!
Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/9/09

Name: Monra

Title: Lady Monra, A Godess and A Warrior

Race: Goddess, Before she was a Human

Age: Concealed

Past: She was known for her skills and bravery. Among all the other Goddesses, she was one of the most intellectual alongside Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis and Hestia, who supported her in becoming a goddess. Because of her strong will and eagerness to protect the Mother Earth, she was granted the opportunity to become a goddess, but in return she will protect the Earth for eternity. She gladly accepted this deal and is now the general of the Knights of the Dragon Seal.

Goals: She is trying to find most powerful weapon ever made.


Name: Monra [The Enraged State]

Title: The Rampant Slayer, Berserked Goddess, Annihilator, War Maiden

Race: Cursed Goddess

Age: Concealed

The Story: Because of her flawless victories, she was envied by many humans; different evil races planned for her assassination, many wanted to destroy her existence, but they had never succeeded. Ares the God of War was fond of the victorious maiden, he confronted her after she fought with the demons. The fair maiden rejected the love of Ares. Because of his frustration, he casted one of the most vigorous curse at the goddess. The curse was that whenever the maiden's anger is at its highest level, she would lose her consciousness and annihilate anything and everything in sight. She once destroyed half of the Olympus. She was forgiven by that offense and was sent back to earth to live and protect it for eternity.

(while on her normal mode) she seeks the gates of Olympus, hoping to find Ares and free her from his curse.

(while on her enraged mode) Destroy! Destroy!! and DESTROY!!!

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Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/12/09

Name: Miki, Magravine Dolz
title: Margravine Of The Orange Flame Royality
race:1/2 human 1/2 vampire
past:Both her parents died during a fire when she was 3 years old.
Her twin Rimi was lost during the confusion. No one has heard of her dissapearance and no one bothered to discover the truth that lay between the ashes that night of the brutal murder.
Battling as a vampire Maiden she made her way accross towns until the day she found herself back where the ashes had first fallen and where the invsible graves stood firm in the ground surrounded by a soft whisp of smoke.
goal: to seek out her missing twin sister and regain vital information about her parents death.
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23 / F / where the hell am I
Posted 1/10/09 , edited 1/16/09

Name: Sin
Title: Demon Queen of shadow
Race: Demon (one third Wolf Demon)
Age: 106
Past: The granddaughter of the Great Demon Wolf King. Sin grew up in her grandfathers shadow, until she finally claimed the crown and became ruler of the land of shadows on her 80th birthday. she trained to battle using shadow magic and is now the second strongest magic user in the land of shadows (first being her grandfather). she hardly ever fights though because her battle maiden mya who she rescued from the brink of death after mya (an angel) fell to the land of shadows.
Goals: to step out of her grandfathers shadow and become the strongest Demon in the land of shadows

Name: Mya
Title: maiden of the damned (she is the maiden that fights for the demon queen of shadow)
Class: battle maiden
race: fallen angel
Age: unknown
past: mya was once an angel but she was cursed when she killed a god. her wings were ripped off and now she must live as a human, battling for the Demon Queen of shadow.
Goals: to become an angel again by defeating evil.

Name: lemon
Title: baroness Lemon of the orange flame royalty
Race: human
Age: 20
Past: Lemon grew up normally in one of the orange flame royalty's mansions
Goals: to stop being late for everything
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22 / F / No place
Posted 1/10/09 , edited 8/6/09

Name: Namiko
title: High Queen
race: Angel, Magic Holster, goddess of Love
age: 16
past: When she was a child, someone killed her parents and all her familly and she was the only one left, but only one of her brothers left but he is lost, she was a magician but because of her heart sore she leave that race, now she is a holster waiting for her revenge, she uses her magic to transform and create new guns, and she have a dark side...She is also an angel but never show her wings......also she don't know who is the person that she is the angel of. She never knew that she is the goddess of Love until his brother told her... now she is working on the love for everyone...
goals: take revenge and accompany the kings and queens... make all the world full of love... be a good angel of whom she is...

Name: Dark Namiko
tittle: High Queen
race: warrior (she uses sword not guns)
age: 16
past: She was inside the normal Namiko (the normal Namiko wasn't a dark girl), but somehow Namiko wanted to be more Darker to be stronger and take her revenge, so Namiko let her come out and eat a part of her to be darker, She is violent she is just thinking about how to take revenge. No matter what she have to take her revenge (Her dark side is uncontrolable) and if she have to die to take revenge she will, The only one who can control her is the Normal Namiko of course, but now she is like another person that is in the body of Namiko, but still Namiko, just that she fulfills the orders of Namiko...
goals: Take revenge of who killed her parents and fulfill the orders of Namiko.

Name: Atzume
title: Baroness of the blue glass rose
class: magician
age: 19
past: She was a child and she was drinking water with a glass cup and suddenly throwed it to the floo, she tried to collect the remains of the glass with her hands, somehow she didnt cutted herself with the glass, so she said that the glass its a part of her blood and she wanted to be more coupled with glass, this past is a mystery because the doctors says that she dont remember anything of her past and suddenly said that story, she loves glass , the doctors are still saying that can't be true but she know that is true for her.
goals: unknown

Name: Yuzuki
title: bullet witch
age: 16
past: When she born, months later her parents left her in a forest, and cheetahs raised her until she grow up, she is very neko (act like a cat) because of the chetahs, then she started to make her own guns with some magic that she learned with the cheetahs in the forest, really she is an expert now with magic, she LOVES GUNS, and finally she came to the castle to help the group, her heart still sore, because of her parents so, she is very cold sometimes and always cute, she hates to wear so formal because she is a wild girl.
goals: find her parents. (for now she thinks cheetahs are her parents).

Name: Daichi
title: Duke of the brillaint rose gynecocracy
race: Swordman and angel.
age: 18
past: someone killed his familly and he had to go far away from his little sister to save her, now he is back, trying to make a new life, Namiko thinks that he is dead, but its not lke that, he is here.... again, he goed far away to investigate who killed his familly and came back to find his sister.... finally he find her in the castle, so he followed her. When he was in another kingdom they hurted him so much and tried to kill him, but his abilities let him alive.
goals:stay with his sister and protect her.

name: Kotone
title: techno maiden
race: magic, warrior and arrows...
age: 14
past: when she was a little kid, she was going to school, but she is a genius very very intelligent, so she decided to not to study anymore and become stronger, she likes the magic and also likes swords. She wants to help all the world with her ideas...and she loves music, she is cute and cold, never had lots of friends because all the other persons think she is strange and just a person with no feelings and just inteligent. If someday you hurt her she will how you her real side.... Also never falled in love yet because never meeted a boy or something.....
goals: become stronger and help the world
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26 / F / Greece
Posted 1/13/09 , edited 1/13/09

Name: Bellatrix or just Bella

Title: Queen of the Orange Flame Royalty

race: Half human and half God

Age: 24

Her story: Her father was an immortal God and her mother was a mortal Warrior Princess. When she turned out 4 she started her training at martial arts, sword fighting and magic! After her moms death she got the throne and her dad left the castle to live with the other Gods. His heart couldn't handle this terrible loss. Her mom died when Mysterioza was 17 and when she became 18 she took the throne officially. She had 4 husbands/Kings in her life. They are all dead 'cause of her poisonous ivy kiss. She prefers to be single anyway! She has won many battles in her life and she still keep ups the good work!

Goals: To conquer the whole world!
Posted 1/13/09 , edited 2/7/09

Name: Mariko
Title: Maiden of Sorrow and Perpetuity
Race: 1/2 wolf (hanyou)
Age: unknown (she stopped counting after her thousand's birthday)
Her story: Mariko is a wolf demon, to be more precise she is a hanyou. She has lived thousands of years already and doesn't remember her age. There is a lot she doesn't remember, especially her family. The memories of her father are all blurry. She can't remember him at all. It is because her sister had killed all her family. However, Mariko still believes her father is alive. During her very long life, life itself lost its value in her eyes. At the beginning she still was looking around for her sister, who she still loved very much, but she lost hope after all those years. She is a very quiet person and enjoys the nights. The clear nightsky is the only thing that kept it's beauty in all these years. She was never accepted by society and therefore sealed herself away and went to the anti-world. She was the one who created Kiku who in reality is Mariko's other half because as Mariko vanished to the anti-verse world, there was only her still innocent and regretful part who stayed behind.
Goals: looking for a reason to life, finding her father and sister.

Name: Kikune or only Kiku
Title: Marchioness of the blue glass rose
Race: 1/2 wolf
Age: unknown
Her story: Kiku, one day, woke up in a snow-covered little village with no memories. She started a whole new life that day. However, she wasn't accepted by the villagers because she wasn't human. They always called her a monster. One day, she unconciously killed all the villagers. At the beginning she didn't how it happened but then she became aware of her other self, her true self. She lacks self-confidence because Mariko told her that she is only a shadow. Even though, she doesn't remember her and her true-self's past, she knows that she is looking for someone but she doesn't know that this someone is her true-self's sister, that means her own sister.
Goals: more self-confidence, understand her true-self, looking for someone

(The difference in their looks is due to the fact that Kiku had lost part of her demon power. Mariko had sealed most of it away with herself)

Name: Kuroka
Title: Ice Witch, Marchioness of the Blue-Glass Rose Nobility and Maiden of Sorrow and Perpetuity
Race: 1/2 wolf (hanyou)
Age: unknown
Her story: She is neither Kiku nor Mariko but in a way she is both of them. After being reunite with her twin sister Einalem, Mariko had found a purpose in life. Mariko wanted to stay at her sisters side but she knew that she couldn't seal or even destroy her other half, Kiku. Mariko had grown attached to her other half after seeing the world through Kiku's eyes during all these years. They were once one and would become one again. However, because Kiku had started a new life when she woke up without memories and gained her own personality little by little, they became a whole new person.
Kuroka didn't know how to call herself first but little by little she remembered a name, her name. She didn't know how she could remember this name and whose name it was. She had started dreaming of a person who didn't stopped calling her "Kuroka". That's why she started using that name.
One can't tell Kuroka's age because she had only awoken but had all of Mariko's and Kiku's memory. She also is still looking for her father and trying to find out who her father really is or was. However, her strongest wish is to always stay with the firends her two previous selves had found. She can be as sweet as Kiku and also smiles very often. Like Kiku and Mariko she enjoys the beauty of the nature, especially the clear night sky and she likes to loose herself in thoughts, thinking about life itself. However, if one hurts her friend, she can become as cold and merciless as Mariko sometime was. As opposed to her sister, she has the power of ice.
Goals: looking for her father, living a peaceful life with those she love

(her animal demon height varies)
Name: Shirayuki
Title: Queen of White Purity
Race: a merge of two souls and bodies (wolf/ human ninja)
Age: unknown
Her story: Shirayuki had been taken from her parents the day she was born. Her mother was the former Queen of the White Purity. However, Shira's mother had left the royality because she had fallen in love with a 'mere' ninja. Shira was left behind alone and raised by her strict grand-mother. Although Shirayuki had never met her parents, she felt like knowing everything about them thanks to Logon's stories. Logon had known Shirayuki's parents because their parents had been friends in the past. Since she was little she admired Logon but would never show it. Thanks to all the stories about her parents, Shirayuki also wanted to become a ninja. However, her poor health was a burden. Shirayuki had always been ill and everyone in the castle had known it. Everyone knew she was going to die very young.
One day when Logon had taken her with him for a ride, Shirayuki had found a hurt wolf. The wolf was going to die but made a deal with Shirayuki. He said:

"If you give me your body, I give you my initial strength and you will be able to keep on living with me in you. However, it will only last to the day you will have accomplished my mission. Afterwards you will die."

Shirayhuki agreed without a second thought and became a wolf kunoichi. She learnt the way of a ninja and became very skilled with her senbons. Not long after her merge with the wolf, she became also the Queen of White Purity. Her personality had changed a bit. In the past, she had been a shy and gentle girl but afterwards she became loud, joyful and bubbly. Only at certain moments, like when it concerned her mission, she got serious. Shirayuki can't stand it to stay alone. She fears the loneliness. Logon had always been her only remaining true friend.

Goals: accomplishing her mission, enjoying life at its fullest.

Name: Ninian
title: unknown
age: unknown
race: vampire magician.
Description: Ninian is Kelve's younger sister. She is like a doll. She has no will and does everything her brother would request for, with the only exception that she doesn't want to leave his side and she is very stubborn about this matter. She also never says why she refuses to leave her brother alone. She is usual a calm and collected person who doesn't talk much. She has also the power of a vampire but she can't stop the flux of time. She is able to travel between every dimension and can easily transfer one's energy to another person.
u]Goals: protect her brother, be always at her brother's side

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F / Hades
Posted 1/13/09 , edited 1/15/09

Name: Cassius Wilheim Harrington Amherst III
Title: Baron of the White Purity Despotism
Race: Human Male
Age: 26

L' histoire: A charismatic, flawlessly refined and cruelly charming patrician. Recently impoverished upon the death of his father, a notorious gambler and degenerate, he will stop at absolutely nothing to reclaim the prominence and lifestyle that he considers his due.

Goal: To rise in the ranks of the peerage using the weapons at his desposal: his looks, intelligence, seduction, wits, and, when necessary, his blade. Heavens pity anyone who tries to stand in his way.

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27 / M / Somewhere within...
Posted 1/14/09 , edited 8/6/09

Name: Solomon
Title: The White Rose, Prince of the Red rose Aristocracy
Race: Human

History: Being the first born male to the king of the Red Rose Aristocracy from birth he was trained in etiquette, archery, swordplay, magic, and everything else that a young noble needs to know. However when he was twelve years old his life changed drastically when he was chosen by a rather old dragon to learn the secrets of the arcane. Leaving his home and his family behind he traveled with the dragon and learned many things about magic, and the common world, picking up a few unusual tastes and habits along the way.Now, he has returned and hopes to restore the status he once had and reconnect with those he had once loved.
Current: After returning for a bit Solomon returned to finish his training with the dragon, and mastered many forms of magic along his journeys. Some of this magic even changed his very being, The most noticeable of which are the two large horns on is head he got after making a pact with a demon he had come to befriend. Now, after learning more about himself and the world around him he has returned to rise up to the seat left open bye his father and claim his rightful title as king of the Red Rose Aristocracy.

Goals: To continue to learn all that he can about the arcane world, and also to regain his sense of nobility.
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22 / F / Considerably lost...
Posted 1/15/09 , edited 1/15/09

Name: Tsubaki (Or so she claims.)
title: Margravine of the White Purity Despotism.
age: 16 in human years...
race: Nephilim
past: Sent to Earth to 'Heal her sins', Tsubaki never understood what went wrong, her heart brimming with hidden hatred for all angels. Disguised as a human, she lived among them for many years, locking her hatred and rage up, then throwing away the key. But it shouldn't take much to unlock her feelings again...

Goal: Unknown.
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28 / M
Posted 1/15/09 , edited 1/15/09
Name: Ciel Phantomhive
title: Count of White Purity Despotism
Race: human
age: 13
past: The Phantomhive family has, for years, been well known for making toys and sweets for small children. However, they are also the Queen's watchdogs; the Phantomhive family keeps an eye on black market dealings in ways that Scotland Yard isn't able to. Ciel Phantomhive is the heir to this legacy.
Until the age of 10, he lived a normal life, with his father, his mother, and the family dog. However, on his tenth birthday, the mansion caught on fire; his parents were killed, and he went missing for a month, only to return with his smile dimmed and his new butler, Sebastian Michaelis, in tow... and a demonic contract in his right eye binding Sebastian to obey his commands.
Ciel is engaged to his cousin, Elizabeth Middleford, and lives with his five servants. Despite his young age, he runs the family company, and as such is quite busy much of the time... though he still finds time to go out investigating dubious legal matters.
Personality: At his tender age, the young earl is far more composed and mature than would be expected. He remains distant from others, aloof, preferring to spend his time on work for the company. Aside from his interest in (and incredible skill at) games, he's nigh untouchable. Or so he would have people think. Underneath that clever, bratty shell, underneath the protestations that he has no interest in childish things, Ciel is very much a hurt little boy. He's selfish, not able to fully empathize with people, and he's quite contrary to the point of pushing away things that he doesn't understand because he doesn't want to seem weak, but he cares more deeply about people than he will ever admit.
goals: To find his parents' murderer.

Posted 1/21/09 , edited 4/12/09
i'm going to leave CR! Thank you all for the great moments! I will never forget it!
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