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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/24/09
Name: Rosabelle Rousseau
Title: water witch, marchioness of amber jewels gathering
Race: Priestess
Age: human age: 14; real age: unknown
Past: Rosabelle was reincarnated by a goddess descended on earth as a priestess. and due to that, her memories are lost in her godly life. She was sent to earth to balance the goodness and evil, but other than that she knows nothing about her personal life. She is often asked by high priests to ask for premonitions and advices. Although she hardly speaks, she communicates through her ice tiger, Nanali, a high-bred ice tiger who only chooses his/her master. He can speak like a human, so people also respect the ice tiger.
She appears like a child, but ironically, rumors say that she is more than 2000 years old. Often seen as expressionless and mild-tempered, Rosabelle wants to hang out in her garden, playing her flute to serenade the flowers. She hardly talks in front of the public so people consider her voice precious.
Goals: To balance goodness and evil is her main agenda, but as time pass by, she learns a little about her past and wants to discover the dark side of her memory.

and her id

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Posted 1/30/09 , edited 1/30/09
Name: Lilyana (aka Lily)
Title: Barroness of the Amber Jewl Gethering
Race: Unknown
age: 17
Past: Lily was taken from her family right after birth. They said that she was special in her own way but didn't exactly tell the family. Lily doesn't even know that she was taken. She is very shy and rarely talks to people. Lily has ran away multiple times but always finds herself being brought back. Lily's so called "adoptive parents" will not tell her anything about her past and she wishes to know. Lily is on a secret search on where her past really belongs.

Goals: To find her past and to find her true love.

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27 / F / Frolicing in lillies
Posted 1/30/09 , edited 1/30/09
Name: Yukiko
Title: The Viscountess of the Amber Jewel Gathering
Race: Esper
Human age: 17
Past: At the age of only eleven, Yukiko ran away from her rich, yet notorious family, refusing to cooperate with their plans to misuse their powers to murder their rivals. Luckily though, she had enough high-class experience to know how to work her way up the ladder by herself, and by the time she reached age sixteen, she was in line for the title of Viscountess of the Amber Jewel Gathering. As she grew up, she met a numerous amount of spirits that roamed around the earth, making friends and enemies alike. But with the current title she has today, she's finding herself getting into more and more trouble every minute. What is worse, for Yukiko, was that her cousin she had abandoned years ago, Lunako, is after her. And Lunako certainly doesn't mean well.
Other traits: She enjoys playing the piano in her sparetime, as well as helping other spirits find their way. Her tough exterior and short temper helped her get to where she is, but the vague affection and kindness she shows to people is often revealed in secret.

Goal: To get Lunako off her heels, and lead a mostly normal life.

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24 / F / In an Igloo
Posted 1/30/09 , edited 11/22/09
human form

Name: Hanna Tsukiko
title: Divine Maiden of the ocult of the watchers, Lady Hanna, Divine Maiden
class: unknown
age: 16 in human years
race: 1/2 goddess 1/2 human
Charateristics and abilities: just like her mother she is kind and intelligent. Very mature and proper. She dislikes immatureity. She is calm and abit shy if shes talking about herself. She doesn't know much about herself but she knows alot about everything else. Because she is 1/2 goddess she has to forms. When she is in her goddess form she has beautiful large wings. When she is in her human form she can only use 1/2 her power. She studied magic and weaponary at a early age.

past: Her mother was a goddess and her father was a human knight. She has a younger sister named Kanon. the rest is unknown.
goals: to find about her past and family.
goddess form

Human form

Name: Kanon Tsukiko
title: Baroness of the Black Thorn Kazoku, Lady Kanon
age: 15 in human years
race: 1/2 vampire 1/2 human
Charateristics and abilities: Like her sister she is intelligent but she can be outgoing. She also can be mature and ladylike but she rathers being outgoing and fun. She is nice to people she likes.If talking abit herself she is quiet and shy.Like her sister she studied magic and weaponary at an early age. She can control a dragon named akane because of her mothers pureblood.
From being 1/2 vampire she can fly.She has two forms; vampire form and human form.
Past: Unlike her sister her mother was a vampire. Their fathers are the same making hanna her half sister. She left home and went travailing with Akane to train and learn more about the everything and somehow came here and became the baroness of the black thorn kazoku
vampire form

Posted 1/31/09 , edited 1/31/09


title: vampire maiden

race: 1/2 vampire 1/2 neko
appearance: black cat ears and long slim tail and blood red eyes with slits

age: appears to be 20

past: banished from the vampire clan from being a half breed vampire, seeing her as a weakling compare to a full fledged vampire. now surviving on her own, hunting down her own kind who are now wanting to destroy her that brought them great shame for letting such a creature into the human world. her mother died from giving birth to her and father tortured then killed from loving another specie. lived a life of a survivor for long years and still.

goal: seeks vengeance and peace in her life and maybe more...
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 5/17/09
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28 / M / some were
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/10/09
Name: dan
title: high king,Grand Master of the ocult of the watchers and omega breaker
class: a Mage and a Warrior
past: i can brake aney spell and cast aney spell as well that is how spell. that is how i have the title of omega braker.i have travle from place to place and got a lot of things,spells and moves. most people call me omega
goals: seek peace.
angel form:

human form:
Posted 2/12/09 , edited 2/12/09
Name: Akari Ichiru
Title: Lord Akari Ichiru
Class: Lord and Vampire Maiden
Age: unknown
Past: When akari was little she had little family. She had a brother and a father. Her mother died at her birth, because akari had killed her while trying to get out. Her father never saw her. And her elder brother adored her. Soon people came for them because in this country only one child could be born. Her father who didn't care for her left and was never seen again, and her brother was killed while trying to protect her. The people couldn't kill her because she hypnotized them to kill each other, though she didn't know that at the time. Growing up,she began to know more and more about her powers. She soon saved loads of people from incidents that they would've been dead from if she didn't. To them she became Lord Ichiru or Ichiru-sama. And she became a vampire maiden. She studied martial arts and was very intelligent. She has great gunsmanship. For years and even now, no one knows where the Lord and her followers are.

Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
Name: Angerona Doyle
Title: none
Race: guardian
Age: unknown
History: She always appeared during the evening in parties even though she never was invited. All she did was strolling in the halls. Most of the time not even noticed by others because she is so calm and quiet. Around her neck she always wears a necklace with three cross keys. No one knows what they are for. Some thinks it's the key to heaven or hell. Other say it's the key of time and space but no one knows the truth... only herself. There is nothing more known about her.

Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/14/09

name: caren
race: android
title: techno maiden
age: looks 16 but is over 300 years old
history: she was created by Dr valinetine over 300 years ago she was abord the space ship omaga when a unexpected surge of cosmic radiatoin hit the ship and the crew all got sick and died however she as charge with an unknow task then 200 years later she returned the space ship to our world and now works at the vector first R&D divisoin as a head reasercher
goals: unknow

name: Alexine
race: half-human half-cat
title: battle witch, huntress
age: 17
history: she is a ferice warrior and is know as the huntress she became a battel witch to protect others with her magic and figthing skills she is also a firend and the personal body gaurd of princess Olivetess the princess of the animal kingdom in the shadow nexus
goals: to protect the innocent

name: Olivetess
race: half-human ,half-tiger
title: princess, lioness
history: she is the eldest daugther of the queen of animals she has a younger identical twin sister who disaperd some time a go she lives in cyatine palace in the heart of the shadow nexus her best firend is alexine her faithfull body garud she is a strong leader and is know as the lioness becuase of this
goals : to find her identical twin sister
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22 / F / ~+~somewhere in t...
Posted 4/19/09 , edited 4/19/09

Name: Garnet

Title: Viscountess of The Brilliant Rose Gynecocracy

Race: Human Female


Past: Garnet eloped with her true love in another country, she became the wife of a viscount (her true love). One day her husband was sent for a mission on the northern country. Few weeks ha passed but his husband never came home. There were only two possible ways why he never came home: 1. Kidnapped 2. Killed--------

Personality: She may look so kind but she never gives mercy when it comes to fight!

Goals: To kill the man who killed her love...

Name: Zabelia

Title: Techno maiden

Race: Cyborg

Age: Unknown

Personality: quiet-type person, She enjoys fighting alot!

Past: Unknown

Goal: to uncover her past....
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26 / M / Somewhere where I...
Posted 5/19/09 , edited 5/19/09
Name: Neo Siegdread
Class: Deathknight
Life: Newly given body and no memory of his past.....cares very little about it anyway
Personality: Careless, Erratic, unlikeable, strong willed. he cares very little for the ones around him and only seeks to become stronger, this usually leads him to unreasonly attack people. due to the fact no one was around the time he was ressurected, he has little understanding of every emotion except hate, pain, and suffering. he has yet to experience any other emotion and is amused by the pain he causes people or caused to people.
Noteable equipment: Shadowed armor, Onxy Edge and Crystal Edge, and Family Necklace.
Goal: searching for a reason to exist in his forsaken state

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