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Japanese Plastic Surgery
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Posted 9/30/13
Kame didn't get plastic surgery at all, so please stop all your accusations.

The only reason why Kame looks so different from when he's a kid is due to that baseball accident he had after he joined Johnny's. Apparently, he missed and a baseball went right and smashed his face. He got a broken nose after that, and that's why his nose looked different from old photos. He mentioned this a few times I think, and also in a Cartoon KAT-TUN episode...

If you were to compare his pictures to that of his brothers and father, you'd see that he is pretty much natural. Can't believe the whole family's so hot-looking... XD

JE boys pretty much don't do much except teeth alignment I guess. Can't have an idol having crooked teeth after all.
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Posted 10/19/13 , edited 10/19/13
I don't have problems with people doing Plastic Surgery to make themselves better and be more confident,

problem though is when She/He has a baby and the baby doesn't even look like their parents at all, like the one on the news
where The Husband beats her wife coz her son is ugly, it could be her wife fault for lying but its not her fault if the baby is ugly, coz its his son as well (shared genes) plus its too early to judge a baby coz his/her face is not yet fully developed.
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Posted 11/25/14
Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2013.
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