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Posted 1/7/09
Nobody can tell what the future holds us. Though many of us really wanted to predict… but for those who already know what will happen in their near future, would they still be happy if a dead end awaits them…?
Dana: um, hey riza, about tomorrow’s proj—
Riza: tomorrow? I may not come tomorrow. That’s right, I may be gone by tomorrow.
I know exactly my future but I’m always uncertain about my tomorrow.
Next day, riza is absent
Dana: she’s absent again
Eiji: that idiot
Dana: she’s always like that. Cutting classes, absences, lates, no assignments, failed quizzes..
Nina: she’s not like that when she’s in grade school. She’s even eiji’s friend, right?
Eiji: yea
Dana: she’s so mysterious; she doesn’t like anybody approaching her.
School playground, she’s sitting on the swing
Riza: chemistry, huh… better pass that class
Eiji: cutting again
Riza: oi..
Eiji: haven’t you slacked enough
Riza: so what? Just leave me alone
Eiji: you! You’re not like that before! What exactly happened?
Riza: excuse me, are we close?
Eiji: riza, it’s like you’re throwing away your future. I’m worried.
Riza: throwing away? Future? What will my future give me, for me to throw it away? Worried? I don’t remember asking you to worry about me. (leaves)
Eiji and I are really good friends when we were 8. Just being by his side makes me really happy. But it was 5 years ago when I learned about my future. It gave me reason not to hurt any other people and myself. That’s why when we’re 10, I finished my friendship with him.
Goals, dreams, plans, those are the things that I don’t understand; because those are the things that I may not experience…
Next day, same place
Riza: what again?
Eiji: hey, why not even attend p.e. class?
Riza: you’re fussy, you know
Eiji: i… I always think of you as my important friend, that’s why…
Riza: no… for 5 years, I managed to keep this thick barrier around me. I’ll never be shaken… not even by him. I don’t give a damn on you, so give it up already
Eiji: I cant get what you’re thinking… but somehow, the things that you feel reaches me. Aren’t you lonely?
Riza: don’t make me laugh. I can’t be lonely as much as I can’t be happy. That way, I’m fine.
Eiji: you’re always putting up a strong front. I want to see your smile again
Riza: I’m not from the past. I’m the present riza. You can’t come back in the past as you can’t tell the future
Eiji: then why cant you move in the present?! Can’t you see you’re static?
Riza: you… don’t understand. Talking to you is a waste of time. (about to leave when she fell on the ground)
Eiji: hey riza!
Riza: I’m fine. I’m just a lil’ dizzy
Eiji: you’re pale, you know
Riza: that’s my natural
Eiji: then at least, let me walk you back home
Riza: you don’t need to
Eiji: just shut up and follow
I wonder… what’s wrong with me?
Then eiji always bother her and they spend a lot of time already. Their usual spot is the school playground
Eiji: why don’t you be serious in class?
Riza: don’t like, the teacher is boring anyway
Eiji: but still—hey, don’t sleep. Riza? Hey… riza!
Mom: is my daughter fine? What happened?
Eiji: she fainted when we’re talking in the park
Mom: oh, eiji, it’s been a while since the last time I saw you, I’m sorry
Eiji: um, yea. Mrs. The doctor is calling you
Mom: then, I’ll go first
Eiji entered the room
Eiji: you’re awake… you ok?
Riza: yea
Eiji: hehe, I got nervous when you fainted, I don’t know what to do
Riza: I’m fine… for now. Actually, I don’t have much time left
Eiji: (shocked)
Riza: entering college, finding a job, marrying a man, giving birth. I wont experience those. I have leukemia. Right now, I’m waiting for a ‘game over’ signal. I knew it when I was 10. At first I also don’t want to believe it. I’m still young. So young, to so many people, why me, right? It took a lot of time to throw away those selfish desires of mine. I realize it’s not good to involve myself with others anymore. It will just be futile anyway.
Eiji: you… really are an idiot! What’s wrong with you?! You have wasted a lot of your time!!!
Riza: (started to cry) you know, I also wanted to study… I wanted to laugh hard, I wanted to watch movie with lots of friends and popcorns. There are lots of things I haven’t experienced yet, I haven’t even fallen in love, I want also to be happy…
Eiji: then be, I’ll be with you, studying, laughing, watching movies, falling in love, being happy. I’ll stay by your side
Riza: what are you saying? It’s not like im your responsibility or something
Eiji: I don’t know if you call it responsibility or whatsoever but ever since then, I loved you
Riza is shocked
In this limited time I have, I fell in love.
Next day, they went to school together and the next days too
Dana: hey, hey, so that’s how it is huh? I figured something really fishy
Nina: so that’s why you’re so cared about riza
Eiji: (a bit blushing) don’t say something corny, will you?
Riza: eh? Just as yesterday, you said something so bravely and corny like
Eiji: riza!
Riza: (smiled) hehe
Other guys: she smiled… whoa cute~
Eiji: anyway, she’s already taken, sorry for you guys then
They watch movies, eat outside, study together…
Mom: riza, you… seem to enjoy a lot…
Riza: yea, mom, I’m happy
Mom: im really glad that you can smile like that. But it’s getting near. Please learn how to control yourself. Don’t be so drown… I mean. It might be hard for you and for the other person.
Eiji: hey, are you ok? Should we skip class today?
Riza: no, im fine
Eiji: hmm… but I’m not feeling well.
Riza: huh?
Eiji: be with me, ok? It really feels so sick to see you so down
Mom, I’m sorry but… I cant hold back. I wanted to love… wholeheartedly.
They went to amusement park and ride on a Ferris wheel
Riza: come to think of it, life is like a ride on a ferris wheel. Once you ride on it, it never stops. It gives you a slight of nervousness, a taste of excitement, an area of sadness, ups and downs, and most of all, a peek of happiness. you wont feel all those completely if you go alone. Like in my life, if I continued shutting my door, I might not be able to feel I exist. It’s like being in a ferris wheel with you. Meeting you made me nervous, down, sad, excited and really happy.
Eiji: (smiled) hey, close your eyes
Riza: huh? Why? Like this? (closes)
He kissed her.
Riza: say, why did you like me?
Eiji: huh?
Riza: I mean, there are a number of girls who like to be your girlfriend. There are many who are---
Eiji: do we need to have reason? I guess I don’t need it at all… I don’t know but if ever there maybe… it’s because I love you.
Riza: (blush) hey, we’ll definitely meet again… for sure.
I see, running hurriedly in colorful garden fields is better than walking forever in a dry soil.
Some may have an idea about their future but all of us can’t tell what might happen in our tomorrow. Tomorrow, you might meet a stranger, make friends, and eventually, fall in love. You’ll never know, right? Life is full of surprises anyway. So while you’re still here, never hesitate to open doors and welcome chances that may come by. There is no such thing as ‘futile’ because in this limited time we have in this world, we learn something more important than mathematics or physics. That is, even under time pressure, you can still manage to touch other’s hearts.
Hey eiji, there are really lots of things that I want to tell you… but I guess you already know… ‘goodbye’ isn’t good; that’s why, for now, all I can say is…

…Thank you.

Eiji is sitting on the grass holding a bunch of flowers.

i'm sorry, i can't edit this one yet since i need to study already (midterms exams!!!). i always write funny stories so this is my first time writting a tragedy and i don't know how it's like.. maybe you won't like this. the narrator of the story is the girl... and some of the lines were her thoughts and not what she actually spoke.. so please bear with it for a while...
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