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Posted 1/7/09 , edited 1/9/09
Starlight Road Residence

Starlight Road.. Sounds quiet and peaceful, right? Wrong. It was, but not anymore. There was a mass gathering of protesters within these residence district's park and streets (similar to the "million man march") protesting the right to slaughter people who were once living and those infected. Ironically, a case of the virus broke out and, due to the tight packing of protesters and crowds, a mass slaughter of civilians was reported. Military came in and quarantined the area, setting up road blocks and holding the lines with high caliber rifles and turrets. Anyone coming close to the outside (from the inside) was immediately shot and killed and the state declared martial law on Raccoon City. The outbreak got out of control and soon overwhelmed the troops and the resulting violence spilled out into the streets, creating chaos on a massive scale. This was one of the first reported catastrophes of the new Raccoon City renovation.
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