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Posted 1/7/09 , edited 1/9/09
Raccoon City Zoo

From the immense violence that occured during the outbreak, the animals broke free and attacked their captors, creating a massive genocide that lasted for several city blocks. Many animals have escaped- including lions, elephants, rhinos, alligators, wild birds etc.. Many of those have been infected, including a large number of various other animals. It's extremely dangerous to venture near here or anywhere within a few blocks radius. Wild animals- some infected, others not, still roam the area... Many are hungry and some are even hungry for flesh; it all depends how lucky a survivor gets. There's nothing of worth within these gates, and that which was worth some has gone now during the looting phase the first few days. If you happen to find yourself near here, it's advisable to get as far away as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.
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