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Posted 1/7/09 , edited 1/8/09
Sunset Hill Residence

A basic portrayal of urban development and suburban pricey housing. Sunset hill is a relatively middle to high class neighborhood consisting of many two or three story houses sandwiched between one story apartments and town homes. Stretching around about three blocks in a hexagonal formation, these streets combine together to create a single system in it's own with houses lining each street as it circles around. Many homes have been left untouched but some, mainly the more rich-looking houses, have been broken into and looted. Some houses still have occupants inside but whether they are living or undead is the issue a survivor would have to face if they were to attempt to stop and stay a while. There is a huge potential for barricading in and a lot of houses nearbly to take a stand and gather supplies for the long run. Though, it's a popular tourist spot for those of the undead persuasion; many zombies stay around there houses due to instinct and basic memories that force them to attempt to return to a familiar place in their un-lives.
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