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Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/7/09

leavitalone7 wrote:

Ailia: *still searching for Rosette and Azmaria* Where can they be?
Kairy: *comes out of nowhere and puts her hand on Ailia's shoulder* Don't worry. We're going to find them.
Ailia: *jumps out of surprise and turns around* Kairy?! Is that you Kairy?!
Kairy: Nope... it's not me... *rolls eyes* yup, it's not me...
Ailia: *laughs* yup, you're Kairy alright... *looks around* is HE with you?
Daimarc: *appears behind Ailia* of course I'm with her...
Ailia: *turns around* Daimarc! How've you been?
Daimarc: lonely... ever since you disappeared...
Ailia: *hugs Daimarc* I'm sorry I left with out warning or notice.
Kairy: *butts in* HEY!! How about me?! Don't I receive a hug??
Ailia: of course you do... *hugs Kairy*
Kairy: Yay!! Anyways, who was that guy who teleported us here?
Ailia: oh... that's Ciel... :D
Daimarc: I don't like him...
Ailia: *laughs* Just because he was with me for 2 months, doesn't mean anything happened between the two of us... besides, he's engaged to someone already and I was unconscious for 1 month 'cuz of a project of his... but nevermind that.
Daimarc: well that's good...
Ailia: anyways, we should start searching for Rosette and Azmaria

Hears crying from a distance...

Ailia: that sound... it sounds like the crying of Azmaria *listens carefully* it coming form there *points at direction* lets go...

The three starts running towards the direction of the crying. Ailia spots someone carrying Azmaria.

Ailia: Azmaria!!
Daimarc: stop... whoever is carrying her please stop...
Kairy: yeah... we just want to know why she is crying...

Baby-chan... can we let the 5 of them meet?? ^_^

of couwse! me gwad to! =D
Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/7/09
Satella: Huh?? Who are you guys? *looks at Azmaria* Do you know these guys? They seem to know you.

Azmaria: *looks at them* No, not at all. I don't know or haven't seen them around.

Satella: In that case, maybe they're after your powers, just like the others!

Azmaria: Ehhh!? N-not again! *cries some more*

Satella: No! No! No! Don't cry Azmaria-chan! I'll protect you! *puts down Azmaria*

Azmaria: *hides at Satella's back*

Satella: *gets weapon out and points at them* *ready to attack* I'm not gonna let you get your hands on Azmaria!!! *furious*

Azmaria: *scared* I don't wanna go back to that place! *cries again*

{Back to my Onee-samas stories! =D}
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Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/7/09
Ailia: *shakes hands* We're not bad people, we just want to know why she was crying in the first place.
Daimarc: also, we aren't planning to steal her powers...
Kairy: since we don't have the power or the skills to do that...
Ailia: the three of us we're ordered by Ciel to look for Rosette and Azmaria *shows picture of Ailia with Ciel* Ciel is a very good friend of mine.
Daimarc: and we are the best friends of Ailia
Kairy: so that's why we're with her
Daimarc: so please don't attack. look we're going to put our weapons down *puts down his chains and orders Kairy to put down her sword*
Kairy: *puts down sword* we just want to help you
Ailia: *has no weapons* and we're here because we need your help to save Sora and Crown, so please... don't hurt or kill us...

Back to your side Baby-chan... ^_^
Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/7/09
Satella: O-okay. *puts down weapon* Sorry for the misunderstanding.....I thought you guys want to get her powers...Guess I was wrong. Sorry about that! *bows* .............Ahhh! About her crying...well, it's because we ran away from the place where Rosette and Chrno were. Because Chrno went on a rampage again.

Azmaria: What?! Chrno went on a rampage again!? This is bad! Real bad! He could kill Rosette!!!! *panics*

Satella: Calm down! Rosette can handle this! I think she already stopped Chrno from rampaging now! And besides, he can't kill Rosette because he loves her. Hehehehe!!! XD

Azmaria: W-what?! Don't crack jokes like that! It's not funny!

Satella: Okay! Okay! I'll stop. (But what I said wasn't a joke. *sigh* )


Azmaria: Huh?? W-what was that!?

Satella: T-this is bad! The explosion came from where Rosette and Chrno are! Let's chat later! I wanna know who Crown and Sora are. Tell me later. Can you help us stop their fighting?
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Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/7/09
Ailia, Daimarc, Kairy: sure we will...
Ailia: lead the way...
Daimarc: we'll follow after you...
Kairy: just give us an overview of what we'll be dealing with on our way...

Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/7/09
Satella: O.......kay............

Azmaria: First, let's run there (isn't it obvious?) Second, stop Chrno and Third, find Crown and Sora. And that's the plan!

(The four of them )

Satella: O......kay...........Let's go everybody!!!!
Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/8/09
Sora : *carries Crown* I'll wait for you to wake up, Crown.

Midna : I am a Twili. Its unpleasant to hear some people say our world is a world of shadows. The twilight there holds a serene beauty... You have seen it yourself as the sun sets on this world. Bathed in that light, all people were pure and gentle... But things changed once that foul power pervaded the world...

Sora : We mean no harm to your world. We were teleported here.

Midna : I know. Tell me where you want to be teleported back. I want to help.

Sora : The world we were just into.

Midna : Picture that world into your mind and concentrate

Sora concetrated to where they last were.


Sora and Crown suddenly disappeared and was teleported to the waterfall.

Sora : *fell from the portal* Oww! They could've at least landed us easily. CROWN!

Crown fell from the portal and landed in the shore.

Sora : *sighs* Good. Your not hurt. Wake up soon. *carried her piggy back style and walked away* Rosette. Azmaria. Where are you guys? This girl is worried sick!
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Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/8/09
Ailia: let's go. Let's save Chrno
Daimarc: *brings out chain* yup, let's go... with us Kairy?
Kairy: I wouldn't miss it for the world. *brings out sword*

All five of them run toward the direction Chrno and Rosette were.

Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09
(The 5 of them got to the place where Rosette and Chrno are.)

Satella: W-wait a minute! I think the fighting is gonna end soon......

Azmaria: How can you be so sure about that Satella?

Satella: Take a good look at Chrno guys.

(The four of them looked at Chrno.)

Azmaria: Aha!!! Chrno is getting tired. But what about Rosette?

Satella: Don't worry! I think she has a plan.

(They looked at Rosette)

Azmaria: That's strange! Where's Rosette gone to?

Satella: She's hiding. She's gonna attack him at the back to set him unconscious.

( Chrno suddenly throws a big rock at the five of them.)

Satella: Everybody duck!!!! {Baby-chan doesn't know the spewwing of it.! }

{What would happen now???? Gaahhhh!!!! Baby-chan wakaranai desu! *panics*}
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Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09
A rock is hurled towards them. Ailia steps in front of all of them.

Ailia: Everyone step back. *closes eyes**concentrates*

Rock is so close to them. Everyone else ducks for cover.

Ailia: *opens eyes**puts hands forward* Stop!!

The rock being hurled stops in front of Ailia. It is levitated and being controlled.

Kairy: Good call Ailia. *about to release cover*
Ailia: Stay down. There's another one coming! *hurling rock is stopped again**puts the rocks at side* There, is everyone alright??
Daimarc and Kairy: We're good.
Daimarc: How about you Satella and Azmaria??

Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09
Satella and Azmaria: Yes......We're alright!

( Rosette jumps on Chrno's back and knocked him unconscoius.)

Rosette: Hey! I'm not that heavy for you to fall down you know! *slaps Chrno to wake up*

(The other five who were going to be saving them were all surprised. )

Satella: I thought she loves him?.......But she's slapping him...

Azmaria: Huh??? L-love?!?! *faints*

Satella: *catches Azmaria* Gosh! You're getting heavier! Has Rosette been giving you a lot to eat lately?

{Next pwease! Baby-chan's finished! =D}
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Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09
Still stunned.... XD

Ailia: I am utterly clueless. *looks at Daimarc and Kairy* do you guys get what's happening?
Kairy: I have no idea. XD
Daimarc: but that girl is really strong, you know the one who was able to push Chrno down... what's her name?
Ailia: ah... that's Rosette
Kairy: she's scary *is getting shivers* anyways, what happened to Azmaria?? *points at Satella and Azmaria*
Ailia: Azmaria!! what happened to her, Satella?
Kairy: Is she sick by any chance?
Daimarc: maybe she just fainted because she heard a certain word... *laughs*
Kairy: this is no time for jokes, Daimarc!!
Daimarc: sorry Dictator Kairy
Ailia: *giggles**looks at Satella* will Azmaria be okay??

Your side Baby-chan!! ^_^
Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09
Satella: Azmaria is fine. She just fainted when she heard about the word "love". She can't handle those words.

Azmaria: Nnngh.....What happened to me?

Satella: You fainted...

Azmaria: Why did I.........? *remembers that word* Gahhh!!! *blushes and faints again*

Satella: AZMARIA!!!!!!!!! ...........Guess it can't be helped huh? Hey Rosette!!!! Help me carry Azmaria!

Rosette: Gahhhhh!!!! What happened to her?????

Satella: She just fainted.....that's all....

Rosette: How can you be so calm!

Satella: Sorry! Sorry! So........are you and Chrno making up? Hehehehe!!!

Rosette: Stop that! That's not the time to be saying such stupid things!

Satella: Okay! Okay! I'll stop now! *giggles*
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Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09
Ailia:*points at Rosette* that's Rosette you guys. She's the other person we're looking for.
Daimarc: meaning by other person, the people we're looking for??
Ailia: yup yup...
Kairy: so more or less, she already met Sora and Crown?
Ailia: from what Ciel told me, they did meet.
Daimarc: *glares at Ailia* don't ever say his name in front of me
Kairy: *teases Daimarc* jealous much *snickers*
Daimarc: I'm not JEALOUS!!
Ailia: okay... can the two of you calm down?? let's not scare the others with your constant bickering *looks at Rosette* hey Rosette! Nice to meet you... I'm Ailia and these are my two annoying yet trustworthy companions, Kairy and Daimarc
Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09
Rosette: Huh??? How'd ya know my name? Did I meet ya somewhere before? You don't look familiar. *looks at the three of them*

Satella: *eavesdrop* Ahhh!......They're here because they're looking for you and Azmaria. *looks at the three of them* I'm very sorry about Rosette. She's just in a bad mood today. Please understand what I mean. *remembers something* By the way, who're Crown and Sora???

Rosette: As far as I can remember......They're friends of ours......By ours, I mean me and Azmaria.

Satella: Ehhhh!?.......Is that so?

Rosette: Yup! Yup! *remembers something* *looks at the three of them* Why do you know Sora and Crown??? Are they friends of yours?
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