Dark Angels
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Posted 8/26/09 , edited 8/27/09
sorry for all the confusion i'm your new dark angel teacher

Each Dark Angel contains two special ability other than darkness and light

Fill out this form to officially enroll in this class

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Posted 8/26/09 , edited 8/27/09
This is the class for us Dark Angels that used to be pure angels... but we fell
giving us some power from god to protect, and some power from satan to destroy

I am your teacher, teaching you how to soar with the wind not exactly but i will be teaching you how to fly

We are to protect humans and loved ones....

We contain spells like:

Dark spells:

-Tendrils of Darkness ~ Dark wind with great strength, used in the air strongest
-Complete Darkness ~ blinds all opponents
-Shadow Ball ~ a dark ball that you throw at enemy, strong enough to erase part of your opponents body, cannot be used to often, or you will become very weak
-Lesser Mind control ~ only can control lesser beings, like a creature ur enemy summoned, or an animal, etc...
-Summon Shadow Raven ~ summons a few large shadow ravens to peck and throw mini shadow balls and tendrils of darkness at opponent.
-Shadow and Darkness controlling ~ allows you to control shadows, hide among shadows and give darkness

Heaven Spells:

-Ultimate Shield ~ The ultimate shield that protects from ANYTHING and does not get destroyed, but can only be used to protect one person, (cant protect urself)
-Elastic Force field ~ a forcefield that can protect anyone in a bubble, no limit to how many people, from any physical attack
-Boost ~ a boost of power you can give to anyone but yourself, it will make the target stronger, faster, and double their attack power.
-Shield of God ~ a shield that protects you from any physical attack, but when you use a dark spell, shield of god disappears for the rest of the battle, unless you take it off first.
-Heavenly Spear ~ a lightning spear that controls sky and lightning, can open up heaven and summon angels, but only can be used to protect someone
-Purity Tear ~ a Tear that when dropped on someone's wound, can be healed, can even resurrect the dead

You have dark wings that allow you to fly, and a dark sword, and more spells and abilites i will teach you later on btw I'm Hoshi Hiroshi Your Dark Angel Teacher Welcome To Darkness

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