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Posted 1/8/09 , edited 1/10/09
Raccoon City Times

During the opening hours of the outbreak, this news station was overwhelmed with calls of malice and danger- so many people were reporting lost children who needed to be publicized, deaths occuring, random shootings, maulings, riots.. This station did not have the means to actually answer each one of those calls and soon deactivated their tower and communication services due to the overload of information coming in but none going out. The power supply to this station as been completely shut down, meaning no lights as well as no type of electrical equipment. As a result of the outage, several people died during an elevator plunging to the earth only to rise again and flood the basement area. Four stories of pitch black darkness as well as twenty or so different rooms to explore. If there was some way to get the electricity back on, there might be a way to contact help; no matter how useless that may be.
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