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Posted 1/8/09 , edited 1/9/09
Guns Galore

This gun shop has been looted many times over, stripping the place of any merit or any type of weaponry other than the improvised blunt object. It's still a decent place to hole up though- there's steel shutters that drop over the entry ways and the exits as well as metal chicken wire over all of the windows. There may still be a pistol or two lying around, but they would have belonged to the dead bodies of the psychopathic survivors who tried to play Rambo and failed. The blood within isn't of the undead but of the weary citizen trying to claim a weapon for his own. This is a dangerous place to be- no one ever knows if some lunatic is within, waiting and watching, willing to shoot anything that comes near. Speak softly and attempt to avoid this place and only come here as a last resort or if a pocket of survivors needs a great place to hole up for the long haul. Be weary.
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