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Posted 1/8/09 , edited 1/9/09
New Sonata Hotel

Somehow, the top three floors of this hotel have been blown completely off- there is a ten foot pile of rubble around the building, piling up on the streets below. There is still one floor left and half of a second flood, but due to the rubble, there's an effective barrier against any undead around it. Any smart survivor is able to get around the rubble and take shelter inside to catch their breath and to have a temporary shelter against the cold and/or harsh weather. The inside of the first floor is shaken to the core, but many of it's original contents still remain, including: a reception desk, a few rooms, a lounge, a wash room, a staff room and a cafeteria/entertainment room. It's a great place to just catch a breather, but it's not good to stay for too long- you never know when a crazed survivor may decide to take up residence and not allow entry.

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