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Posted 1/8/09 , edited 1/9/09
Raccoon City Public Mall

This mall has become quite the tourist attraction over the years. Back when the original outbreak hit, it was demolished and looted thoroughly, leaving nothing of use behind. Over the years, it became a death trap for those looking for shelter. When the street sweeping teams went through and took care of any remaining creatures, it deemed the mall a failed building and soon sent it to the ground with a wrecking ball. A smaller more compact mall was put in it's place. Although it's still under construction on it's far west side (automotive repair and computer), the mall is still able to be shopped in what remains. There's a sub sandwich mart, a video game store, another food court, a large general store, a hunting shop, a clothes department and a kids play area. Although it's a bit worse for wear and somewhat looted, there are still treasures to be found.
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