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Posted 1/8/09
Since I see "ToeiAnimation" is actually listed as the moderator for this forum, I'll post this here in hopes that they see it. :)

I live in the US, and I've been a long-time fan of the Pretty Cure franchise, and have watched the fansubs for as long as they've been out. Pretty Cure is actually what got me on Crunchyroll a couple months ago. When Crunchyroll announced they were going to be running legal Pretty Cure with a download-to-own, I immediately signed up. This is an awesome series, and I was very happy to have a way to give back to the creators for creating it finally. I've bought and paid for every episode that's been posted so far.

However... The quality of what's getting posted here sucks compared to the fansubs, which makes me very sad. I'm paying for these and getting it direct from a legal source, it ought to be better than the fansubs, or at least at parity with them, not worse. I really don't feel like I'm getting what I'm paying for. The fact that I'm paying for these at all is more out of a sense of responsibility to give something back for downloading all the fansubs over the years. If I didn't have that "guilt factor" I wouldn't be paying for the poor quality of videos that's getting posted.

Here's my issue: The fansubs that I downloaded a few years back have stereo audio, and the audio stream is crystal clear. The character voices are easy to understand, and there's no background noise that wasn't intended to be there in the show. This tells me that the originals have to be at least this good (and probably better) because it had to come from somewhere. The videos that are getting posted here are in monaural sound, and have a horrible hiss in the background, and I have to turn the sound up a bit to hear people talking clearly (which of course amplifies the hiss as well). Now, if it was only the flash video that's available to the public was like this, and the purchased downloadable one was better quality, I could understand that... you're paying for the better quality. But it's not, the download sounds just as crappy.

It would please me to no end if I could dump the fansubbed versions in the trash and replace them with legal copies on my HTPC box, but right now, I'd have to say that's not happening, and the fansubbed versions are going to stick around for a while. How about it Toei? Can we get the audio fixed in the Pretty Cure episodes? I'm sure there's a lot of fans out here that probably feel the same way.
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Posted 7/22/13
Over four years later and this has not been addressed? I have the same problem for at least the first eleven episodes.
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Posted 8/23/17
The white noise needs to be resolved.
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