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Post Reply Whats your favourite and least favourite animal???
Posted 8/5/09 , edited 8/5/09
all of the animals are really sweet and cute !!!!!!
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Posted 8/6/09
i dont like cats at all.. their moans
gives me goosebumps...

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Posted 8/12/09 , edited 8/12/09

cats kittens
do u hate those little cute pets
i can't believe it
it is strange
Posted 8/31/09 , edited 8/31/09

Ohhh wow Neko! these really are cool pix and when you swim with the dolphins you must tell us all about it!! XD Disneyworld have a dolphin swim also. @ Siruslee....Im a pooints whore I cant resist multipost quotes!!!! *rolleseyes*

My favorite animal right now is The long eared owl.

and my least favorite animal would have to be......hmmm I cant really think of ANY either. I am into Animal Medicine and even the lowly spider has MUCH to teach us.
Posted 10/8/10
I rly love : CATS
i like also foxes , magpies , dragonsfly

I hate : hyenas , pigeons , insects
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