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Posted 1/8/09 , edited 1/9/09
Love doesn't always have to hurt...

If someone you loved breaks up with you, you just have to accept it the way it is, and remember that you loved that person, and dont have regrets about loving him/her...

If they die, you can cry and be sad, but you dont have to let it pull you down in life

Life is this way, you get hurt, but because we are humans, we have the ability to get up again and not give up

I know you may think im waayy too positive..
but why cant you be positive too? y cant u at least try and not give up?
Love is a gift that only living things have...

You should be happy you got to experience love and if you are still trying to get someone to love you, but they wont, you can either face the fact that you dont fit well with that person and just be happy if the person you love his happy too

Try to think positive of things

There is always something good in everything, whether you can see it or not, i SWEAR, nothing is completely bad

A butterfly has a really short life... but it does have a beautiful and wonderful life with its beauty...

think of Ying Yang... wherever there is good in the world, evil will naturally come along too!
Without Evil, good cant exist either... wherever there is no good, evil dies off too

Try to think it this way... everything needs good and bad

Like a bag of cookies, it tastes wonderful, and the person hu cooked it may have put all his/her love in it, but there is something bad in there too, cuz if you think disgusting things that might have been in there before, flour, all those ingredients, the earth recycles things naturally, so all of these might have been in cow dung and rotten meat before, just recycled and stuff, whether u taste it or not, it changes the taste, but u never know, spiders could have gotten in and been cooked so that u cant see it anymore cuz it melted...

Soil is dirty and icky and stuff, but it is what makes oranges, watermelons, chocolate able to come about

And the meat you eat, it tastes really nice, but there was a price to pay for that meat, a living thing had to die

Everything has a bad thing and a good thing, this is the cycle of life
Just be thankful for the good thing, this doesnt mean u cant be sad or upset, but just make sure u dont get too overcome with sadness that u do something stupid...

I went to far many times... i know i was wrong now... being all emo and melancholy is not wisdom and being deep and stuff, thats actually being stupid for not seeing the light and ruining your own happiness
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