[game] Skip Beat Story
Posted 1/9/09
i'm kinda curious about how this the story will continue....
it's simple. you just have to continue the story from the person above you and make your own story....

so here is the beginning of the story of it ( i'm not good at this so.... i hope you all will help me out a little )

it's a beautiful day, the birth are singing and the sun is shining.
a little girl was crying al by herself.
suddenly a boy appear and said gently: why are you crying here all alone???
the little girl look at the boy and replay with a sobbing sound: who are you???
the boy then say: my name is kuon and what's your name????
the girl replay: my name is kyoko. mogami kyoko
kuon: do you want to talk to me about it so that you can feel a bit better???

sorry it's a bit short cuz i'm in class right now... i'll continue later..... i know my story sucks but i hope you all can help me out and continue this nee~~
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