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Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/9/09
which do you like better?
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Posted 1/9/09
Well I choose both, but really I didn't fall in love with the pairing until I watched Kurosagi.

At first when I watched NWP, I thought it was weird. I thought Akira aka Yamapi was weird. But then I saw some pics of Kurosagi and said, "Hey, that guy and girl looks familiar" and off I rushed towards the drama.

Then I stumbled upon the Yamaki forum and learned more about them...and that got me to watching NWP one more time. This time, I fell in love with Akira's character. He was so adorable.

Kurosagi, I must say is hot, so I'd watch it without ever getting tired. I like the sexual tension. Hehe.
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Posted 1/11/09 , edited 1/11/09
i fell in love with yamaki when i watch nobuta wo produce.. i kinda piss of when maki hit yamapi i was lik he love you!!! why you punch him?? i wan you to lik him too!! i was praying for nobuta and akira will end up together lol seriously.. then i was watching kurosagi i was rly excited when i know yamapi and maki were paired up in this drama but then still..they doesn't end up toge the r..ooh please make a drama that include kissing for those two =P
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