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Posted 1/9/09
Hello everyone,

First excuse my english it isn't my native language.

Now what I wanted to ask. Right now people living outside of the US region are not able to watch most of the shows on this site, while I understand the legal reasons for this, it seems unreasonable to me that these customers should pay the full membership cost for only a margin of the benefits. Non american customers should pay much less right now, when later all shows or most of them are available to all members the full costs can be used.

I think creating a "Non US Membership" that only alows to watch global available shows and costs far less would be the way the go.

Wish you all a good time
Kiki's Customer Support Service
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Posted 1/9/09
Umm... I'm a non US member. Canadian actually. But you might have a point with countries across the ocean. I actually like your idea. PM one of the chefs or all of them to get their attention so they can pass it on to shinji. Might also want to post it in this thread:
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Posted 1/9/09

someone with membership will probably download them from CR and upload them somewhere else. That way you can watch the anime about the same time as people with membership. And you can watch anime thats licensed in your country.

Maybe not with the highest quality, but who cares
Posted 1/9/09
Please use the Suggestions thread stated by Kippu

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