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Posted 1/14/10 , edited 1/14/10
Lets give a round of applause to the guy who's mentioned DMC for the thousan'th time.^
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Posted 1/16/10 , edited 1/16/10
BOOOO its just Sarah Palin ... only younger
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Posted 1/22/10 , edited 1/23/10
There some something similarities about this game...Oh look.



Have any of you guys read the manga Kurohime? I just have to say there are a lot of similarities with it and Bayonetta.

-Both are Witch gunslingers
-Gods and Angels
-Both wage war against celestial beings
-Memory loss
-Both witches have a kid alter ego
-Campy characters
-Both summon demonic beings
-Summons consist of dragons, birds etc...
-Both eventually yield a muramasa-esque katana
-Both have a superior attitude towards people
-The first time they meet their respective romantic interest, both guys are still kids.
-A family member dies on the first time they meet said romantic interests
-Enzo has counterpart in the manga
-Tons of fan service
-Similar demeanor and outfit

It isn't exactly the deepest manga out there but it's action packed and a fun read.

you will find little similarities about Bayonetta.
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Posted 1/23/10 , edited 1/23/10
Its what Devil may cry should have been, much better than DMC!
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Posted 1/23/10 , edited 1/23/10
got platinum trophy, this game is the shit
Posted 1/24/10 , edited 1/24/10
I wasn't expecting anything special....but I'm at chapter 3 and it is bloody good! Its sooooo fun!!

It has really cheesy moments and then it goes all cool on you just like that looking forward to go further now.
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OP has nuked.
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