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Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/9/09
Now we did the Best of 2008, but thanks to Wrestlecrap, one of THE funniest online sites especially for pro wrestling guffaws, you can now vote for the WORST of 2008!

In the poll part of this thread I put the WWE choices but you can go also to and read all the choices then vote! POLLS close on January 26th and the winner shall be announced on the site on January 30th at ! You can then also for fun vote here too on the poll (I fit the 5 of 6 I could since 5 is the max allowed on polls). Have fun laughing at the Worst of 2008 and feel free to leave replies on your choices!

The WWE choices (all 6):

- Mike Adamle: Folks were appalled to learn that WWE decided to pay a man who had no wrestling experience top dollar to become a lead announcer. Imagine their joy when not only did he suck beyond belief, but he was then made the GM of Raw!

- McMahon's Million Dollar Mania: With Raw ratings plummeting, what did WWE come up with to reverse the trend? Why BRIBING PEOPLE TO WATCH, OF COURSE! Yes, each week we got to see Vince come out and attempt to give away money to loyal viewers. Highlights included not only the infamous RICKROLL, but also Vince being completely confused at how to dial a phone. The ending, featuring a set falling on Vince and leaving him seemingly paralyzed, also was a mess.

- "Barrack" vs. "Hillary": Ever wanted to know how to get a killer heel like Umaga over as a babyface? Have him interrupt a "match" between two horrible pretende politicians! If this wins, I'll even recap the horrendous promos from the real Hillary, Barrack, and McCain as they pandered for our votes, an event that made me contemplate moving to Canada.

- Braden Walker (Not Texas Ranger): He's Braden Walker...and he's gonna beat your brains in! These are the ones I hate most of all: when a talented performer such as Chris Harris is given a gimmick so horrible that it flops miserably and he's never seen again. Really sucks, because Chris and I used to work shows together.

- WWE Divas Championship: SmackDown and Raw may have been similar shows in the beginning of 2008, but there was one big difference: Raw had a very prestigious Women's championship. Ok, so it wasn't really prestigious, and it really wasn't VERY prestigious. Regardless, Smackdown would soon have a women's title of its own, featuring such top champions as Michelle McCool and Maryse. OH! And the belt looked like a BUTTERFLY! Was the Hello Kitty license too expensive?

- Santino vs. Cousin Sal: Jimmy Kimmel is a big name in entertainment. Actually, he's not, which makes his cronie, Cousin Sal, even less of a name, which makes us scratch our head as to why he was given a push on WWE television in a series of skits we'd all like to forget.
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Posted 7/23/09
Barrack lyk what the fuck
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