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Your asian CD's and concert collection
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26 / F / ¸.•*¨*`•.¸☆Norway
Posted 4/15/09 , edited 4/15/09

jebusxjuice wrote:

It's a notebook/scheduler - it came with the book that they released earlier this year.

oh, that korean one that I will never be able to understand? -_-
Me want..

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Posted 8/12/09 , edited 8/12/09
Concert Collection:

Dream Concert 2008
Rain Live Concert


Super Junior M: Me
Super Junior: Super Junior 05 & U Single
Raymond Lam: Your Love & Let's Get Wet
??: The Feeling
Fahrenheit The 2nd Album
Rain: Rain Worlds
Random Korean Drama OST Mied Together.
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F / Finland
Posted 8/22/09 , edited 8/22/09

the GazettE- DIM
An Cafe- Goku tama rock cafe
An Cafe- Magnya Carta
An Cafe- Harajuku Dance Rock
Versailles- Lyrical Sympathy
Versailles- Noble
girugamesh- 13's reborn
girugamesh- girugamesh
Aicle.- Shinzo
Fuzylog.- Konamaiki Adventure
The Candy Spooky Theater-Living Dead Spooky Doll's Family in the Rock'n Child's Spook Show baby !!
RENTRER EN SOI- In the Bottom of Chaos
Miyavi- This iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock
LM.C- Glitter Loud Box
SINCREA- Helianthus
GaGaalinG- Royal Stranger
D'espairsRay- MIRROR
D'espairsRay- [Coll:set]


An Cafe- Nyappy Go Around the World
the GazettE- Repeated Countless Error
the GazettE- Decomposition beauty
Posted 5/8/10 , edited 9/25/10
Breaking Heart - T-ARA
01:59PM - 2PM
Revolution - KARA
Sorry Sorry [Repackage Album] - Suju
NU ABO - f(x)
Bonamana - SuJu
Hit Your Heart - 4Minute
First Invasion - Infinite
To Anyone - 2NE1
Beatiful Journey - FT Island

Honey - Guo Shu Yao
SelfTitled - Hey girl
Posted 5/8/10 , edited 5/8/10
I have too many to post but it is over 300 Asian CD's.
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22 / F / With my husband J...
Posted 5/17/10 , edited 5/18/10
DVD Only one so far since I'm new to this XD
G-Dragon's Shine A Light Concert

The Shinee World
The First Mini Album (SHINee)
The Second Mini Album: ROMEO (SHINee)
2009, Year Of Us (SHINee)
Best Selection 2010 (DBSK)
Hottest Time of the Day
2:00PM Time for Change
The First Album 1:59PM
BEAST 1st Mini Album-Beast is the B2ST
Beast 2nd Mini Album- Shock of the New Era
MBLAQ- Just Blaq

Xiah- Junsu's solo CD
Super Junior Vol.4
MBLAQ 2nd Single- [Y]

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Posted 5/22/10 , edited 5/22/10
Way to many... I have a lot of old school kpop like H.O.T, Shinwa (thanks to my mom lol), G.O.D, S.E.S and stuff like that. I have a lot of DVD's too... ah... I just have a lot probably over 1,000 haha....
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24 / F / United States
Posted 6/2/10 , edited 6/2/10
After School's Bang The 3rd Single + Poster
Angela Zhang's The 5th Season CD + DVD + Photobook
Brown Eyed Girl's Vol. 3 Sound G
f(x)'s Nu Abu Mini Album
GACKT's 2009 + 2010 Wall Calendar

I just started my collection recently. I plan on getting more once I can get an a job. lol.
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25 / F / Home~
Posted 8/14/10 , edited 8/14/10
Queen of Pirates CD
Queen of Pirates DVD Concert
Break the Records CD
Break the Records DVD Concert
N.M.P (Special version) CD+DVD of the making of NMP
Real Face Concert

Inuyasaha CD

Boa: Miracle

Fahrenheit: Two-Sided Fahrenheit (双面飛輪海)

Zhang Dong Liang: Wang Zi (DVD+CD)

Rain's world

Boys Before Flower OST1
Boys Before Flower OST 2

Dae Jang Geum OST 1
Dae Jang Geum OST 2
Dae Jang Geum OST 3

Winter Sonata Soundtrack

That's the only ones i can think off......
Posted 8/14/10 , edited 8/14/10
I only have one... F4 VCD concerts and soundtracks.
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22 / F
Posted 8/14/10 , edited 8/14/10
wow, everyone's so lucky!

I bought:
Cross Game, Vandalize (Album), Hana (all three versions) - Alice Nine
I AM ME - Matsushita Yuya

unfortunately I sold Cross Game, Vandalize and one version of Hana, I don't know what made me do it!
Posted 8/14/10 , edited 8/14/10

Playzone 2009 ~Taiyou kara no Tegami~
Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo
Arashi Around Asia 2007 in Dome
KAT-TUN お客様は神サマーConcert (2003)
Arashi Summer Tour 2007 FINAL TIME -Kotoba no Chikara-

Arashi - Believe x Kumori Nochi, Kaisei (Limited A)
Arashi - Believe x Kumori Nochi, Kaisei (Limited B)
Arashi - Nice na Kokoroiki (Regular Edition)
KAT-TUN - Break the Records (Regular Edition)
KAT-TUN - White X'mas (Regular Edition)
KAT-TUN - Don't u ever stop (Regular Edition)
KAT-TUN - One Drop (Limited Edition)
KAT-TUN - One Drop (Regular Edition)
KAT-TUN - Love yourself ~Kimi ga kirai na kimi ga suki~ (Limited B)
Snow Prince - Snow Prince (Limited Edition)
Tegomass - Tanabata Matsuri (Swedish Edition)
Matchy with Question? - Mezamero! Yasei (Limited Edition)
UVERworld - Shaka beach ~Laka Laka La~ (Regular Edition)
Kimeru - Junk Beat (Limited Edition)
Mano Erina - Friends (Limited Edition)
Ayabie - Rikkaboshi + a (European Edition)
Versailles - Noble
Dir en grey - Agitated Screams of Maggots
Dir en grey - Glass skin
Dir en grey - Ryoujoku no Ame
Dir en grey - Dozing Green
Dir en grey - I'll
Dir en grey - Uroboros
Dir en grey - The Marrow of a Bone
Dir en grey - Withering to death

I sold about half of my Jrock CDs after I got into Johnny's, but I still have my Diru CDs lol :DD The Diru albums are missing from the picture though.
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27 / F / Sweden
Posted 8/18/10 , edited 8/19/10
I have collect this in 4 years

Arashi - Arashi 5x10 All the BEST! 1999-2009
Shinhwa - Vol.7 Brand New
SS501 - S.T01 Now...

Arashi - Hadashi no Mirai / Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono (RE)
Arashi - Pikanchi Double (RE)
Arashi - Hitomi Galaxy / Hero (RE)
Arashi - Sakura Sake (RE)
Arashi - Step and Go (RE)
Arashi - Truth / Kaze no Muko e (RE)
Arashi - Monster (LE)
Arashi - To be free (LE)
Battle - Step By Step
Ohno Satoshi - Yukai Tsukai Kaibutsu-kun
SS501 - Snow Prince
SS501 - Kokoro (Japanese) Hyungjun Edition(?)
SS501 - Distance (Japanese)
SS501 - Deja vu

Arashi - Arashi Around Asia 2008
Arashi - Arashi 5x10 All the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009
Arashi - Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10
Arashi - Saigo no Yakusoku (LE)
Shinhwa - Personal History Official Photobook/DVD
Shinhwa - Vinter Story 2006-2007
SS501 - The 1st Story of SS501
SS501 - Special event tour Heart to Heart
SS501 - Special DVD YRMM




Battle & A'STAR1
Posted 8/19/10 , edited 10/31/10
D'espairs Ray- Immortal
Kanon Wakeshima- Shinshoku Dolce

Got new ones 8D

D'espairsRay - Monsters
Miyavi - Victory road to the king of neo visual rock
VAMPS - Beast
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Posted 8/20/10 , edited 8/21/10
Arashi 5 x 10 Tour

A Raymond Lam CD
Fahrenheit CD
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