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Posted 1/9/09

what u like:

if u want to add anything else plz do ^^

This is one about me:

Username: Crunchy2kool
Name/nickname: Crunchy or cocoa
what u like to do: play the piano and do sports.

Extra: I love to play crunchyroll!!!!

Well hope u enjoy!!!!!!! ^^
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Posted 1/10/09
Username: mars2cool
Name/nickname: Miyu-chii
what u like:
food, and video games, anime, manga, lolz!

Extra: i luv to play instruments^^

Posted 1/14/09
Username: cUtEE_Mimi
Name/nickname: Mimi-chan
what u like: CRUNCHYROLL!!!

and anime and manga!!!!
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Between reality a...
Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/19/09
I'm InnocentJuppie, but I'm known by many nicknames, such as...Jubjub, Juppie, Dachy, Dach, Dacey, Hoshi Hime, Dolph, and Seal. I like many things, not the least of which is flowers, shiny things, the sky, the ocean, animals, traveling, spending money, books, anime, music, and so on. Hope to get to know you all
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