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Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/10/09

*NOTE: There are 2 types of mods: a Supervising Dango and an Elite Dango Force Member. A Supervising Dango is a regular mod, but cannot edit the group profile, members, or group positions. An Elite Dango Force Member is a mod that has more permissions and responisiblity than the supervising dango. They have all permissions EXCEPT editing positions, and MUST look after the group while I'm on hiatus for whatever reason
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23 / F / Alaska
Posted 1/10/09
I'm really active [always hyper sometimes]
To have fun
I can make the Banners,Aviis,Icons, And more!
Dango Daikazoku means my life
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24 / F / at xx_PinkHolic(m...
Posted 1/10/09
I am very active! i won't be on on saturdays that much and sundays
to help this group and spread the dango luvers
invite people... i made the avatar xD and i can make more
it is everything, i love dangos tooooo much xD

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22 / F / Asia
Posted 1/25/09
active on weekends only @[email protected]
to hav fun n ppl to chat with =D
erm... not much. suckish graphics? ^^;;
a family of course ~ it's Dango Daikazoku afterall =p
Posted 5/28/09
- How active are you?: I'm very active xD
- Why do you want to join the E.D.F?: Coz i love clannad, also the big dango family xD
- How do you think you can help?: I can help with making the group more fun and alive!
- What does The Dango Daikazoku mean to you?: A big family that cares for each other ^^
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