What do you think of my poem?
Posted 1/10/09
"To face myself"

Seeing clear but a blur of understanding
Dazed in self-ishness
In depths of fear
Filled by emotions supressed inside of me
Knowing what is the need to see
But curled up can not move
Filled in anguish
So crushed in pieces
Blame is pointed in all
"Why cant i stand

To face myself"
Posted 1/10/09
I can`t understand it because I`m not a poem person.
Anyway, good job for you.

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25 / F / Arizona
Posted 1/10/09
Nice.. I love poetry... I started writing since I was 14.

I just hope that it's not really the way you are feeling right now though..

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28 / F / it's all in your...
Posted 1/10/09
Self-conflict might lead to schizophrenia. Be careful.... Nice poem by the way.
Posted 1/10/09
Please post your poem here


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