Posted 1/10/09 , edited 1/15/09
1) no degrading people on MY group!(ban)
2) no degrading anime unless it was naruto JKJK no degrading ever.(demotion or ban with a combo of another rule)
3) if you were to comment on an anime, and its a comment to express your opinion, make sure you add "sorry my opinion" and be sincer on it. some things are tolerable. some things arnt and being older than children you should know by now whats tolerable and what isnt.(demotion)
4)no foul language(demotion)
5)no spoilers(demotion)
6) do not abuse power(ban)
7) *for mods only* do not go on a banning spree for no reason. you 1)give me the name, and reason of personbeing banned, 2) wait for my approval, 3)ban, or release the prisonar!(loss of mod rank status)

3)(for frist time affenders on the demotion punishments)warning of demotion.if you cont. then absolute ban.
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