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[KActor] Lee Min Ho
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25 / F / my own little world
Posted 2/15/09
i'm not crazy about the perm...but he does make a great doming si/domojouji...i think his acting fits the character very well.
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27 / F / makati, pilipinas
Posted 2/16/09
i didnt like at first but as i watch bbf more, i'm now loving him.. hehehehe.. though i'm not satisfied with his acting..i think there's more to him though,.,.
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37 / F / sabah
Posted 2/16/09

Young Lee Min Ho

One year old birthday

Two years old, on the home bed

Five years old, waiting to eat the cake that his father had brought, with his sister

Six years old, tour to Chung Pyung with family

Seven years old, birthday at kindergarden

Nine years old, grade 2, camping behind the school compound

Eighteen years old, high school graduation ceremony

Source & credit to :
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24 / F / ~ ιn мy rooм (ѕнι...
Posted 2/16/09
Cute =D
Better in Hana Yori Dango <3
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27 / F / makati, pilipinas
Posted 2/16/09 lucky his friends are..
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Posted 2/16/09
awwww. he looked the same when he was a baby :]
gahhh. he is so good in boys over flower <33
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27 / F / Smallest city eva...
Posted 2/16/09
he looks hot no matter what! he rocks both kinds of hairstyles!!!
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25 / F / new york city
Posted 2/16/09
awwwwwwwwwww soo cute..he was so adorable wen he was younger nd now 2
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43 / F
Posted 2/17/09

NgThH wrote:

OMG, his facial expression resembles Jerry Yan so much. The 1st time I look at his picture, I think he and Jerry could have been brothers. He's younger and cuter than Jerry though (although Jerry has the mature look and his body somewhat "hotter" than Min Ho's).
I like Min Ho more than I like Jerry. He has a sweeter smile than Jerry and he's more youthful!!!! OMG, he's great in Boys Before Flowers. I love the Goo JunPyo character that he plays in that drama. He's absolutely, irresistibly charming!!!! I'm crazy about this guy now!!!

Whoa, how could you be reading my mind
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25 / F / new york city
Posted 2/17/09
Translation: [40 Q&A] Lee Min Ho

Q1. 고향은 어디야?
▲ 서울 흑석동
▲ Heukseok-dong, Seoul

Q2. 태몽은?
▲ 빨간 고추가 주렁주렁 매달려 있는 꿈
Dream of conception? (What his mom dreamed of before his birth)
▲ A dream about red peppers hanging together

Q3. Family relationship?
▲ contains son & a daughter, the youngest

Q4. 출신학교는?
▲ 남성초등학교-반포중학교-당곡고등학교-건국대학교 예술문화대학 예술학부 2학년 재학중. 영화전공.
Graduate of?
▲ Namsung Elementary School-Banpo Middle School-Danggok High School-KonKuk University. Cinema Major.

Q5. 학창시절 친구들 사이 별명은 뭐였어?
▲ 초등학교 시절엔 '깜둥이'(피부톤이 검은 편이어서), 중학교 다닐 땐 '스켈레톤'(너무 말랐다고), 고등학교 재학 중엔 '데빌'(장난이 심해서).
Nicknames throughout school?
▲ Elementary school 'dark faced' (one side of skin was dark), Junior High 'Skeleton' (very thin), During High School 'Devil' (Mischievous)

Q6. 학창시절 교내 인기는 어느 정도?
▲ 남중, 남고여서 인기는 사실 별로 였음.
Degree of school popularity?
▲ High, and remained pretty popular

Q7. 공부는 어느 정도?
▲ 솔직히 잘 못했음.
How much studying?
Honestly, was very poor at it

Q8. 최고 몇 등까지 해봤어?
▲ 반내 16등.
Class standing?

Q9. 어릴적 때 꿈은?
▲ 축구선수.
Childhood dream?
Soccer player

Q10. 좋아하는 음식은?
▲ 고기면 전부. 육식을 즐기는 편.
Favorite food?
▲ Beef. I enjoy meat.

Q11. 좋아하는 패션 스타일은?
▲ 핏(Fit)이 좋은 옷. 팔 다리가 길어 기성복이 잘 안맞는 편.
Favorite fashion style?
▲ Good fitting clothes. Ready-made clothes don't fit too well on long arms & legs

Q12. 좋아하는 음악은?
▲ 팝 발라드.
Favorite genre of music?
▲ Pop, Ballad

Q13. 좋아하는 가수는?
▲ 이승철, 임재범.
Favorite musician?
▲ Lee Seung Chul, Im Jae Bum

Q14. 좋아하는 영화 장르는?
▲ 반전 스릴러.
Favorite movie genre?
▲ Banjun, Thriller

Q15. 좋아하는 배우는?
▲ 레오나르도 디카프리오, 설경구, 김수로 선배님.
Favorite actor?
▲ Leonardo Di Caprio, Sul Kyung Goo, Kim Su Ro

Q16. 즐겨보는 예능프로그램은?
▲ 모든 예능을 좋아한다.
Entertainment programs you enjoy?
▲ Like all programs

Q17. 좋아하는 개그맨은?
▲ 워낙 개그프로그램을 좋아해 특별히는 없다. 전부 다.
Favorite gagman/comedian?
▲ Don't have one favorite gag program. All of them.

Q18. 좋아하는 운동은?
▲ 축구를 비롯해 모든 운동을 사랑해.
Favorite sports?
▲ Love all sports activities including soccer

Q19. 취미와 특기는?
▲ 취미도 운동, 특기도 운동. 난 운동 마니아!
▲ Sports hobbies. I [have] sports mania!

Q20. 연기자가 되기로 결심한 계기는?
▲ 고등학교 2학년 때 주위의 권유로 미래에 대해 고민하다 연기자가 되기로 결심.
Decision to become an actor?
▲ Decided to become an actor during 2nd year in high school when thinking about the future

Q21. 데뷔 준비는 어떻게?
▲ 고등학교 3학년 때 지인의 소개를 받아 현 소속사와 일을 하게 됨. 이후 이재용 선생님한테 연기수업을 꾸준히 받으며 경험을 쌓기 위해 수시로 오디션에 도전했다.
What was the preparation for your debut like?
▲ Was introduced by an acquaintance and signed onto a label during 3rd year in High school. Afterwards, learning acting from my teacher Lee Jae Yong and aiming to gain some experiance, began auditioning.

Q22. 데뷔 전부터 정일우와 친했다고 들었는데 그의 첫인상은?
▲ 생김새가 여성스럽다?ㅋ
Before your debut you were friends with Jung Il Woo, what was your first expression of him?
He looked like a woman? -laugh-

Q23. 실제 성격은?
▲ 밝고 낙천적임.
Your real personality?
▲ Bright & optimistic

Q24. 지금껏 연기한 캐릭터 중 실제 성격과 가장 비슷하다고 생각하는 캐릭터는?
▲ ‘꽃보다 남자’ 구준표.
Among the characters you've performed, whom are you most similar to?
▲ ‘BOF Goo Jun Pyo

Q25. 키가 커서 좋은 점은?
▲ 어렸을 때부터 키가 큰 편에 속했음. 우선 시야가 다른 사람보다 넓고 옷을 입으면 태가 잘 나는 것이 장점.
Height is your strongest point?
▲ I've been tall since I was young. I look like a different person in loose clothing.

Q26. 첫사랑은 언제, 누구와?
▲ 스무살 때, 대학서 만난 일반인.
Who and when was your first love?
▲ At 20 years old, met at University

Q27. 성형(수술)은 안했어?
▲ 전혀. 순도 100% 자연미남(?).
You haven't done plastic surgery?
▲ Haven't. 100% naturally handsome

Q28. 콤플렉스는?
▲ 특별히는 없다.
▲ Not especially

Q29. 가장 많이 울어 봤을 때는?
▲ 스무살 되던 해 여름, (정)일우를 비롯해 아는 형, 누나들과 여러 명이서 동해로 당일치기 여행을 갔다가 해안도로에서 교통사고를 당했을 때. 당시 사고로 1년간 활동을 못했음.
Time when you cried alot?
▲ The summer at 20 years old when involved in the car accident while traveling with Jung Il Woo and several other friends. I wasn't able to do anything for a year.

Q30. 가장 무서웠던 기억은?
▲ 교통사고 나고 앰블런스에 실려 병원으로 후송되던 때.
Worst memory?
▲ Being taken to the hospital in the ambulance at the time of the accident.

Q31. 잠버릇은?
▲ 잠꼬대가 심한 편.
Sleeping habit?
▲ Sleep-talking

Q32. 사랑, 우정, 일 가운데 우선순위를 정하라면?
▲ 일->우정->사랑
Prioritize love, friendship and work?
▲ work->friendship->love

Q33. 혈액형은?
▲ A형
Blood type?
Type A

Q34. 별자리는?
▲ 게자리
Star sign?
▲ Cancer

Q35. 종교는?
▲ 종교 없음. 부모님은 불교.
No religion. Buddhism for parents.

Q36. ‘꽃보다 남자’ 끝나면 가장 하고 싶은 일은?
▲ 여행가고파.
What do you want to do after BOF ends?
▲ Vacation

Q37. 이상형은?
▲ 송혜교처럼 작고 피부가 하얀 여자.
Ideal type?
▲ Like Song Hye Gyo, a delicate fair-skinned woman

Q38. 좌우명은?
▲ 모든 일에 최선을 다하자.
▲ Do your best with all things

Q39. 최근 인기를 실감하나.
▲ 이제 조금씩 느끼고 있다. 기분 좋다.
Realization of your recent popularity
▲ Little by little I'm realizing it. Feels good.

Q40. 팬들에게 한마디.
▲ 많은 사랑에 너무 감사드리고 앞으로도 그 사랑 식지 않기를... 그리고 항상 행복하길 빌고 싶다.
A word to your fans.
Thank you very much for the great amount of love, I won't let it go to waste... and I wish for everyone's happiness.

Source: SPN
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22 / F / evergreen state
Posted 2/18/09
i dun think there's something special to him..
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24 / F / Forks
Posted 2/18/09 , edited 2/18/09
A friend of mine, is seriously almost like Lee Min Ho(more GJP though)! Not kidding, he has this hard "rude" personality, but if you know him he is very sweet and kind, and he is the tallest guy in school, really TALL! And he is very similar to Lee! Sometimes I just can't stop staring at him! xD

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56 / F
Posted 2/18/09

Movie_Play wrote:

Lee Min Ho:

* Profession: Actor
* Birthdate: 1987-Jun-22
* Height: 185cm
* Star sign: Cancer
* Blood type: A

TV Series
* Boys Before Flowers as Go Jun Pyo (KBS2, 2008)
* But I Don't Know too (나도 잘 모르지만) as Min Wook Gi (MBC, 2008)
* I'm Sam as Heo Mo Se (KBS2, 2007)
* Mackerel Run (달려라 고등어) as Cha Gong Chan (SBS, 2007)
* Secret Campus (비밀의 교정) as Park Doo Hyun (EBS, 2006)
* Love Hymn (MBC, 2005)

* Our School E.T (2008)
* Public Enemy Returns (2008)

I am not sure if anyone have posted up a topic about im just making one of him.

Do anyone know if he has new projects coming up after finishing filming boys before flowers???

Ahhhhh he soooo fucking hot.
I would die for him
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25 / F
Posted 2/19/09
curly hair makes him look more special!
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36 / F / somewhere over th...
Posted 2/19/09
What more can i say!!!!!!!
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