do you think xemas might be terra
Posted 1/10/09
ok this is another thing im trying to find out about birth by sleep is really tricky so im gonna say what i think about this so let me start.many kingdom hearts website have been wondering if terra might be xamas well i think terra is him cuz in one of the trailer of kingdom hearts birth by sleep there is a part where you see that king mikey is in a hill watching everything and you see aqua holding ven cuz he frozen well we all know then the old man clears the clouds and you see kingdom hearts(the big heart shaped moon)and then the weridiest thing happen if you notice terra eyes turn orange and well all know that xamas eyes r orange and also in final mix we see that xamas is talking about so friends of i come to think that maybe this is went xamas was terra.also we all know that went ansem the wise report it said about a young man that had lost his memory and didnt remember his name and he said his name was xehanort.maybe xehanort is the old man terra was fighting and maybe that name was the only thing he remember back you fans you tell me doesnt this make alot of sense now dont u think maybe terra is really how much u may say that its him .if you agree or disagree
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Posted 2/8/09
NO~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would he anyways?????????????????
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Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
So, I'll say probably not. No one knows yet.
Posted 2/10/09
No, I don't think so...
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Posted 6/4/09
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