The letter 'U'
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It was a sunny Monday morning, a lovely brunette was passing by under her favorite place, the Sakura tree. As she was walking; she saw her boyfriend, Natsume Hyuuga, who was sleeping soundly on one branch of the tree. "Natsume!" she shouted, hoping it woked her boyfriend. Unfortunately he didn't, he kept sleeping. Mikan snorted and climbed her way up to the branch where he was sleeping. After a few seconds, she was sitting beside Natsume on the branch. "Natsume..." she called one more time as she snuggled her boyfriend. After that, Natsume finally woked up.

"Mou, you finally woked up now..." Mikan said. Natsume sat down beside his girlfriend as he gave out a loud yawned. "You're ditching classes again?" asked the bubbly brunette. "Yeah, so?" replied the fire caster, arrogantly. Mikan sighed and said, "Anyway, what's your favorite letter? Mine is N."

Natsume raised his brow and replied, "U" Mikan was furious and shouted at him, "It should be letter M. Couples normally replys the first letter of their loved ones. So you were cheating on me with some girl starting with letter U." Then tears started to form on her brown captivating eyes.

"Before you make assumptions, let me say this first:

How can I spell


Without 'U'


C_tie Or


I can't even have F_n

Without 'U'

Looks like I just

Can't S_rvive

Without 'U'

Happy now?" he said. Mikan wiped her tears and gave out a wonderful shining smile. "You're right, we can't survive without U."

The End
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that was sweet... hope the next story will be longer...
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waoh! even though it's's so cute!!!
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its so cute with mikan's boyfriend. Is there any classes for the students with alice
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Good one!!! like it!!
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