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my past

sorry if i miss spell some thing English is my 2nd language

when i was born i didn't age normally and my parents often fought about it. when i was a year old i looked like i was 3 weeks old. my father took me to the towns elder to give me "the gift" but the elder said that i was already blessed. my father said blessed wasn't the right word. he said i was cursed and i wouldn't be able to marrie. i was 15 and i looked like i was 5. he said i wish you would look older than your age that way it would be better for your engagement. the next day i looked 18. my father was pleased and my mother cried. i met my future husband Allard, he was a self centered idiot that only cared about my money and how pretty i was. he didn't care to get to know me and arranged the date. i was to marrie him October 2, 1895 and i didn't wish to marrie him especially on my birth day it would be the day i would dread most. i wished that i would look like a five year old again. i looked at my self in the mirror and i looked like a little girl the day of my wedding my father told Allard that our engagement was of. my father thought about it and said why not marrie her of to a vampire they'll have eternal life together and they have old money, i refused i said father my body changes from past to future to present but i can also see past, future, and present i know too much about anyone all i have to do is see the person to know their darkest secrets do you really think that some one would want to marrie me especially since i know everything about that person. my father glared at me and said prove it. so i said do you really want me to tell mom what you have done? do you want me to expose you? to show who you truly are! you're terifing and despicable!! but mom and i have moved past that but you haven't, you still hold onto that even though its so horrible. i screamed in rage and out of no where the every single glass in the mansion shattered. i stood there petrified i remember wishing that i wanted to be anywhere but where i was i wished that i could be in my garden where every thing was peaceful and made sense i closed my eyes and wished, hoped. i slowly opened my eyes and i was there. i remember thinking if i can do that i wander what else i can do. i dashed forward to my new life forgetting my past. leaving it all behind me and I'm happy i did.

i sometimes wander if i made the right decision. i met a vampire. i first met him 3 days after walking away from my former life. i was walking down the street when the vampire stopped me and said "miss are you sure that you're in the right place?" i looked up at him then into my surroundings then i realized what he had meant. the neighborhood stood with discolored wall chipped and broken. i remembered the money i had save and always carried. i quickly answered, "I'm here to donate some money to the needy." he looked at me and his eyes softened and then it happened i didn't mean to look at his past or his future. i stood there frozen now his eyes were curious i was frozen in fear but i felt his pain too tears began poring down my face. with out knowing i said, "poor thing baring so much feeling such pain." he glared at me and said, "who are you and what did you just say?" i was stupid but not stupid enough to think i could out run a vampire.i started wishing that i could become invisible that i could just disappear from his sight if only for a moment. my legs started to turn gray my hair, face, body and eyes started to turn that worn out crimson red. his face was chocked then he said i can still hear your every gasp for air, your every heart beat, i may not see you but i hear you.

so what if you catch me?

i don't know i might bite you, he said

i said i already have eternal life and no life at a-


no life and eternal life i have them both what difference can you make?

are you a vampire? he asked

no but i might as well be

i don't understand you smell of human but you aren't so what are you?

why should i tell you i don't know you so why should i tell you anything?

huh...... well you already know what i am and what my pain is so that makes it unfair he teased

well............... i don't even know what i am but i do know i was born this way

he walked closer . well........ my name is Elijha nice to meet you!

I'm Alaina Bianca Ella Cressida Izora of Odelia

5 names interesting

i have very indecisive parents but you can call me Alaina

he got really serious and started mumbling to himself , isn't the Odelia family very wealthy

i glanced up at him and said don't try it it won't work


your plan. you'll end up dead! if you want to see i can show you how horrible it'll end

i grabbed Elijha's hand and he saw what i saw

Aliana why did you try to save me in your premonition?

well................ so far you're the first one to accept me and not try to use my powers for your self

Alaina i can see you again!!!!!!

yeah I'm not afraid any more

we started walking until we came to an old looking house

wanna come in he said this is my house

sure thank you very much for your hospitality

no problem kid

kid!? I'll have you know that I'm 16

well you look 10 to me

you look 17 to me i argued

OK OK i give up so why aren't you in your real body?

well i ran away from home and they're looking for a 16 year old but no use to stay like this any more do you have any spare clothes that i can use?

well i don't know Alaina

OK than wait for me here and I'll go change. i walked into the bathroom looked in the mirror and i saw my self change my thin blond hair got longer my Light blue eyes were at the perfect size for my head my light pink lips became perfect for my head as well. i stood about 6.7 feet tall now i became thinner my chest and hips no longer fit the dress i was wearing.

Elijha did you find any clothes? i shouted

yeah here

don't come in just hand me the clothes

yeah yeah

i knew he didn't belive that id need them but if i could do everything else who was he to say i couldn't change my age appearance

thank you , i told him as soon as he closed the door

yeah it was nothing

where did you get the dress i said as i steeped out of the bathroom

it was my mother's he said

oh. sorry i didn't mean to make you uncomfortable i said

no prob-

he was speechless.

what!? stop staring will you!!!!!!!!

sorry! he quickly looked away

no worries i said

so what are you gonna do? he asked

i put on the cutest face i could do and asked him, "can i stay here?" he looked at me shocked

i don't have money for 2!!

i can go back home and ask my mother for money i said

he looked at me suspiciously. OK so you go back and your parents won't let you come back Alaina

running away isn't so hard so yo-

do you actually belief that you can get away again?!

but of course father is far too afraid of me revealing his secrets

Alaina you can't

why not what does it matter to you if i get captured or not

well............ you're the first person to know my past an-

OK i get it!!!!

it only means Elijah doesn't have to know.I'll go while hes asleep so that he won't know i was really sorry for doing this to Elijha. I'll go and hope to come back. i was slowly walking down the stair case when some one dashed in front of me. what are you doing?! was the last thing i heard before a young male about the age of 16 tall, slender, with silver longish hair. he crashed into Elijha's piano. i didn't know if i should feel sorry for Elijha, the piano, or the guy. the chandlear was at it's last bolt into the ceiling i told Elijha to save the guy that in the future he would be help. as soon as Elijha removed the young man.
Elijha seemed jealous that i was spending all my time worrying over the mysterious young man. he was really beautifully his silver hair caught the light just at the right moment his lips were some where in between light pink and blood red. i couldn't help but to feel as if i already knew him i knew this person but at the same time he was a stranger my heart cried that i knew him but my mind couldn't come up with the memory. i started walking away and as i moved from the couch in which he rested but was pulled back by an icy hand i looked back at him and he looked as if he wanted to say some thing but his voice came out as a whisper. i leaned to hear his request.

my dear Alaina what are you doing in such a place?

i was shocked who was he how did he know me and for the first time i din't look at his past or future.

im so glad i found you Alaina!!! when your father told me you ran away i set out to find but as you can see i ran into some trouble.

im glad you aren't hurt but who are you?

im hurt Alaina you can't even remember who i am.

this time i was screaming how am i supose to remember you when most of the time my own memories are clouded!!!!!!!!!

Elijha ran in the room he was shocked to see that he was awake.

what are you doing to Alaina? Elijha's voice was cold i had never heard it like that.

don't worry Elijah im ok. i assured

yeah now leave us alone i need to talk to Alaina.

Elijha don't go! i pleded

its ok i wasn't planing to leave

who are you? why are you here? how do you know me?

im Leon Yuki. your father sent me to find you. come on Alaina don't you remember me? we use to play together....... when we were little you said some thing your father just tought of . um what if i call you Deva do you remember now? ok maybe Deva wasn't good what about Eos.

Eos brought some thing back and old memory

*****FLASH BACK*****

Alaina Alaina where are you!?

im over here Leon come and get me!!

i got you Alaina !!!!!

you got me!!! i giggled

Alaina can i call you Eos?

what does Eos mean any way?

Eos is the goddes of the dawn.

really? wow are you sure its ok for you to call me that?

yes it fits you percect. what will you call me?

i will call you Tithonus!!! is that ok?

yes, you'll be Eos and i'll be Tithonus ok

when i came to Elijha and Leon were hovering above me.

Tithonus i wisperred

oh Eos you do remember me!!!

don't call me that!!!


she said don't call her that !!!

Alaina can speek for her self!

you guys are little kids!!!!!!

Leon, Elijha don't say a word let-
i cut of mid sentece i was seeing the future.

Elijha don't answer the door no matter what !!! you understand don't open the door. you hear me?

i started walking up the stair case when there was a nock at the door. nobody listens to the girl that can see the future!!! Elijha don't i ran infront of him right when he opened the the door some one with out knowing stabbed me instead of Elijha.

what have you done!!!! a light musical voice came from a young woman about 5 feet tall with chest nut brown she was pale with rosy cheecks her eyes were hazel she was slender and looked like she came from a noble family.

i recognized her voice she was my sister Anastacia of Odelia Juliong married to Frederick Juliong.
Princess Alaina has been injured . Artemis help her!!

im alredy working on that Orion!!

Artemis what are you doing here?

oh Eos you're ok i was worried!!!

Artemis Orion what are you doing here?

we thought you were kidnaped!!! they answered in unison

i stood up and fixed my dress.

its good to see you again Artemis and Orion, Leon said steppin to my side and putting his hand on my waist

remove it or i rip it of your body , Elijha thretend Leon

Attemis and i laughed Orion didn't get it . witch only made it funnier.

isn't today July 1? i asked

i think so why?

that makes it your aniversary my sister and i said in our musical voices mine was my usual suprano and hers was her usual Alto that we used when singing or really exited. my sister and i could do a perfect duet with out cracking onece. i hadn't seen my sister in 6 she had to leave at the age of 12 for lessons on how to become a bride. my sister was my best friend i felt her anguish for having to marry a vampire. well that was until the day i met him Frederick made me feel her glee. i wan't only exited for her but i wash releaved that she wan't going to suffer a fate worst than hell. my sister was lucky she loved the one she was married to she lived a happy life. i hated her for a while because she had every thing i wanted because she was loved by my father she got to decide who she married because she got what she wanted when she asked my father for things but i learned to look past that to be happy for my very dear sister.
my eyes started to wander around the room whe i saw just a glimps of Fredericks future. i quickly calculated how far he needed to move to avoid his end.

Frederick take about 5 steps to your right you have 30 seconds to move starting now. with out question he moved he knew enough to do it instantainiously

by the time the 30 seconds were up Elijha got furiouse and threw some knives right where Frederick had been.

Thanks Eos!!!

not a problem.

yeah hunny you could have been killed!!! thank you Eos.

hold on a moment i think im seeing some thing. my face froze in shock . i gave a quick squeal and ran for the door as soon as i opend it they were there !

Night, Day!!! im so happy that you're here!! i squealed

Night and Day were twin brothers who were some of the people i trusted and loved more out of the world though they were twins they didn't resemble each other just like Day and Night. Night's hair was raven black his eyes were royal blue his expression calm his skin was creamy. whyle Day had luminous blond hair his expression overwelmed with glee his eyes were emerald green his skin the same creamy color. i didn't really favor either one of them but there was only sertain things i could talk to a sertain one about.

Princess we are here because.....................because Day missed you i didn't care.

huh!! at least i didn't cry! Day scoffed

Night you cryed!? really? for me? because i left? aww!!! you missed me you realy missed me.

i told you it was Day!!! Night screamed.

it doesn't matter does it? i said as i ran towards him. he alredy knew what i was doing. he lifted me as if i weighted nothing and spun me he put me down and i ran towards Day and he did the same exept that in the end he dipped me.

what are they doing? Elijha and Leon asked in unison.

oh well they havent seen each other for a while Night came with me to England and Day went to Japan its been about 2 years since they saw each other. Anastasia explained.

you didn't cry for me but i cryed for you for 2 months and after that i wouln't laugh, talk , or eat anything solid for 3 months. mother brought me back to life after some time with new flowers to plant. i said

Alaina you cryed non stop and were lost with out us? Night and Day asked in unison their faces apologetic.

oh don't worry im alright!! my voice as cheerful as posible. so what did you guys do during your time abroad? i asked trying to change the subject as best as posible.

i worried about you Day answered. looking at me he did that when he was telling the truth.

i thought about you Night said shepishly and he looked away that was his way of showing that he was telling the truth.

at least we are together now. right? better late than never. i said

yes and we will neverbe apart from today forward. Night and Day said in unison

Alaina we need to go but we'll come back another day. till then.

bye Anastasia bye Frederick don't worry i understand. i winked at Anastacia then i closed the door behind them.

so what are we going to do? i asked as soon as i tourned around

what do you mean Day and Night asked

well Elijha begand

you see Leon continued

we don't have enough money for every one so we are going to have to work. i said bluntly

Princess you don't have to work i'll work enough for you and me together, Day said

thats sweet Day but that is just too much work and i don't want you to strain your self.

thats right Alaina you don't need to work

not you too Elijha you were the one i was hoping would be on my side!!!

Eos i agree with them i supose that you could take care of the house. Leon suggested

its no like you can do anything. Night oposed

you guys have no faith in me do you? my voice and my dancing is really good i can cook i can clean i can do anything. i defended my pride that was the only thing that i had left that was from my father.

Alaina be resonable. they all said at the same time

i was mad no more than mad i was furiouse they were going to keep me locked up in the house when i was the one with more experiance i could speek diferent languages i could do almost every thing.

im the one in charge i said

Alaina they said in a chorus

enough!! at that exact moment my voice echoed out and i alredy knew what was coming who was coming Natalie would be here any second all i had to do was wait. Natalie Irene of Odelia my oldest sister age 21 she's 5'2ft tall with long gorgeous golden brown hair her eyes of amber her skin a tremedus white. Natalie had fallen in love with Frederick's brother Leo. i couln't blame her either Leo's hair is golden brown his eyes of the same amber his marble skin astounding. at the moment Natalie arived Anastacia, Frederick, and Leo arrived like clock work. everything in fates hands we never planed for Leo and Natalie to see each other after the last time they had laid eyes on each other. when Leo's eyes met Natalie's his face lit up as if it was the first time that he had ever seen the light. radiance over flowed from them for a second it was to much to with stand. he walked towards he cuped her face with his marble hands leaned down but he pulled back he looked as if he was about to lose control over him self and the one that smelled best to him was Natalie.

Leo don't do this like this, Natalie pleded

get a hold of your self. i begged

make it special don't be so blunt, Anastacia said through her teeth

Day saw that i was in pain because of Leo. Day was in front of my sister in a flash he put up a sheald around my sister and Night grabbed Leo before he did anything he would later regret. Elijha ran to his room and back in the blink of an eye he had some pills in his hand, Leon heald Leo down and Elijha cracked the pills and fed them to Leo. it didn't take me long to realize what the pills were they were to stop the feelings of thirst. they were really usefull in the middle of droughts.

we moved Leo to Elijhas room so Elijha was going to have to sleep with me Night, Day, and Leon weren't really happy about that but i didn't care.

Elijha i said while i steped out of the bathroom i just have a little to tell you im not the kind that moves around alot so if you do im going to push you of the bed number 2 im really sorry if i hug you in the middle of the night its just that im used to sleeping with my pet number 3 if you see my dream or i see yours thats normal when you sleep with me so im really sorry.

good night Elijha i said as i sliped into bed i pulled the blankets over my head but unconciously i hugged him. he sudenly became very stiff he tourned around to look at me and i was a sleep. the next morning he wouldn't look at me. Day, Night, and Leon were burning with curiosity my sisters looked at me in a disapointed manner.

what!!!!?? i finaly screamed

we were wandering what you did last night they said in a chorus

nothing!!! me and Elijha answered in unison

look at me and answer me are you telling me the truth? Day asked

well of course!! you know i don't lie. i scoffed

i will belif you if you let me see what happend, Anastacia anounced

ok fine, i responded , Day put a forcefield up Elijha grab my hand this way every one can see.

ok so all you did was hug a pillow? they said disapointed

yep. my mind started to wander to Frederick and Leo now that i thought about it Frederick was about 6 inches taller than Anastacia he has radiant topaz eyes his hair was golden brown and his skin was creamy. now that i tough about it he and Anastacia belonged in a totaly different story

chap. 2 the truth behind the smile

now that i think about it there was a dark past that anastacia and federick avoided at all cost that was a huge loss not only of trust, and friends but of love as well. this was a touchy but it was my best wepon against Anastacia and Frederick.
it all stated with a simple friend ship that changed drasticaly. it all started when Anastacia or Aartemis (which ever you choose to call her) was 14 dureing her marriage training something happend that we will never forget since it almost ruined Anastacia's engaigement.

mistress Anastacia please let me take your bags. a really old maid said

no thank you i can carry these by my self. i replyed as i with my best smile that put whom ever saw it at my feet.

but mistress... the lady continued

if you really wish to then fine but just because i can carry them doesn't mean you can as well

yes mistress thank you i understand

this ladys mind was easy to see into she thought i was doing this because i didn't trust her so i mentioned im doing this out of kindness and because you seem as though you are verry old

i understand mi lady thats what she said in her mind it was more like huh kindness no noble is kind they're all spoiled

well thank you for your help i said as we stoped in front of the door that had an envelope with my name on it. well thank you i said as i walked in the room.

you can go now i don't need your help i can do this on my own

yes mistress i will be leaving now just pull that bell if you need anything.

ok i said while closing the door then i changed into a casual dress and went for a walk thats where i saw him tall tan and gorgeous!!! then i thought to my self i shouldn't be doing this im engaged i shouldn't be looking at another man plus Frederick was really handsome and kind i know i have it good so why am i looking at other people?

hi my name is Rafael whats yours? he said now that i saw Rafael close up he was taller than me he had silver gray they weren't shalow but they aren't deep either he was tan and had kind thoughts.

im Anastacia but people call me Artemis you can call me Anastacia or Artemis wich ever you prefer.

then i'll call you Artemis and you can call me Rafa

ok Rafa by the way why didn't you tell me your last name?

why didn't you ?

this boy had something up his sleve it would be easy for me know but i didn't want to intrude in to his mind.

well then im Anastacia Melina of Odelia

well i don't have a last name

oh sorry i didn't mean to trouble you

señorita Anastacia!!! a maid in around her 30s called out to me

yes how can i help you? i responded outomaticaly

the lady tourned and opened an umbrella and held it up for me.

hold it up for your self it would be better for you that way. i said

por que le tienes que abrir una sombrilla?(why are you holding and umbrella for her?) Rafa asked

she doesn't have to i responded

oh but i do i have strict orders to take care of you and keep you pleased mistress

you know what would really please me? if you let me hold my own unbrella and you to worry about your self. i flashed her my most perfect smile

but mistress

don't worry i have Hugo, i answered cheerfully

Hugo? who is he?

oh he's my bodyguard, Hugo can you come out here lady Gemma wants to meet you, i called for a second i looked stupid then i walked over to were he was hidden.

mistress you always know where im at!!!

yeah because i know what youre thinking!!! i said jokeingly

how is he going to protect you? Genna argued

show her, i said Hugo could change the weather aournd him and could put up a forcefield that made people walk away. see im perfect you go ahead and go do the rest of the things in your list.

Rafa couldn't talk for a moment. so you're a noble he finaly said

yes i answered since i didn't want to wait for what he was going to say i read his mind "and just when i thought i had a chance now it tourns out that she's alredy engaged" he thought. that gave me hope

wether or not i marry your master is up to me i choose whom and what i marry. i told Genna as she walked away.

well that was well im not sure, Rafa said.

well Hugo you don't have to stick around but if you could could you go find me some crimson roses

yes mistress as you wish

have a safe trip don't get into a troublesome situation!!!

so should i call you mistress too? Rafa said playfully

if you get to call me mistress then i'll call you my slave, i responded with the same kind of tone

well that will be interesting.

yes it will

don't copy me, Rafa said with a husky tone

actualy un just a nothing

Anastacia!!!! Anastacia!!!! i looked over to were the voice was coming from my little sister was runnig over to were i was standing. she was really cute and had really good traits. she was the runt in the litter the one with the golden hair and light blue eyes she didn't look like any one in the family. i hated her for being the one that stuck out in everything paintings, manners, flowers, well every thing!! my oldest sister Natalie gets to feel what other people are feeling and comand over fire she is the one that comands Mars, i get mind reading and super strenght and i comand the Moon(i thought it was awesome that i got the moon) and my younger sister get unknow powers all the elements and some wings and she comands the Sun i mean come on she gets all the interesting things!!!! thats unfair and not only that Natalie has Alexander, i have Hugo, and Alaina has both Night and Day.

Anastacia father sent me to give you this letter. did i mention that i couldn't read her mind? she tourned to the side and said "es tan lido de usted que cuide a mi hermana"(its very kind of you to take care of my sister)

de nada(you're welcome), he responded

Alaina!! Alaina!! don't get too close to strangers

i know i know my sister responded in her angelic voice.

Alaina can i talk to you?


When are you leaving Alaina?

oh today Anastacia i also wanted to warn you because of Rafael your life will change a little bit

what do you meand by that i asked after amoment but she was gone what a weirdo!!!

i read Rafa's thoughts "i wonder who she was she was really cute and polite you just don't meet ,people, nobles like that so kind even to a lowlife as my self "

sorry my younger sister is well............... a kid i said in a harsh tone that supriced even me

you don't seem to like her very much.

who that little runt we don't know if she is even really part of the family she's th- i cought my self before i said anymore.

so you hate her? he asked

yes no maybe yes


well not hate her but i don't like her either

oh well you can't get along with every one he said in an understanding tone

so do you have any siblings?

yes i have an older brother and a younger one

oh i have an older sister and well Alaina.

any pets he asked

we all have one animal in common we all have a white tiger but i have a water dragon and a pegasus, Natalie has a white tiger a phoenix and a unicorn , Alain has a white tiger a golden 2 tail cat and a silver wolf

that was a present we all got but we all get more animals i said

you want me to show you around? he asked

if its not a bother i said in a shy tone. i got in his mind again just to see what he thought so far * ok, this isn't good im flirting with my mistress and she's no regulat noble she is the Duke's fiancce im going to get killed *

ok lets go he finaly answered

ok wait a minute will you, Hugo! Hugo come out of there i called.

yes mistress Anastacia , he apeared instantly

do you know where my umbrella is?

miimimi stres AAA leilei na totototoke it he finnaly answered

oh she did well its ok i answered trying to keep my tone straight

im sorry mistress he added

no its ok, ill just have to get another one i said tourning to Rafa well lets go


afew days came and went Rafa was a truly artistic guy he could draw extrabagant pices of art i got to know Frederick very well but one day one day Rafa came and said

im going to go look for my self!! and Anastacia i want you to come with me.


i want you to come with me i want you to be with me for ever he said

i'll think about it i said while tourning away

but let me just tell you this Anastacia i love you! i stoped dead on my tracks and tourned to face him my face in shock he took my face in his hands and leaned down i closed my eyes and his kiss sent waves of electricity through me he pulled away and said

im sorry i didn't want you too feel pain if you said you loved some one more than me. he kissed my forehead and walked away

Frederick can i tell you some thing?

you can tell me anything, he answered far too quickly

im planing on leaving for a while i said

why!? his voice was shocked

well im going to go find my self i answered quickly

oh well i guess i can't stop you he answered in a voice that tore my heart

very well then i shall leave tommorrow morning i responded

through out the night i thought about what Rafa said "you can no longer say you love some one more than me" "more than me " circled in my head until i lost conciousness. i woke to the sound of some one calling my name Anastacia wake up i need your help the voice motioned my eyes fluttered open

what and who is disturbing me?

Anastacia its me Natalie you need to wake up i need some where to hide!!!!

why are you here!?

becaouse mother and father have set the date you are to marry

what!? when!?

well don't worry you have 1 more year and then you have to deside wether or not you want to marry Rafa of Frederick.

how did you know a bout Rafa!?

Alaina why?

that runt!! did she tell mom and dad?

no she just told her roses and i was listening

oh ok i guess

you know her rule she only tells the future if there is tragety involved.

i don't pay attention to the runt and you know that!!!

well she alsow told me to tell you that some thing terrible was going to happen to "him" becaouse of you so im guessing "him" means Rafa.

well im leaving with him so im not sure if that will bring trouble to him.

well leave as soon as possible.

im leaving today

ok then ill leave and say i couldn't find you.

don't let the runt taddle.

i won't well have a safe trip.

i left with Rafa that very morning we trabeled and saw many interesting sights we were always looking for our selfs and in the way we found Anabel, Nick, Ace, and Star we saw our selves as alive. that was until the day Frederick sent me a letter that read

dear Anastacia,
i have been missing you dearly. i often think about how you are doing. i wish i could see you. i love you my dear Anastacia. come back to me in one peice and safe as soon as possible. no matter what remeber that i love you.

Rafa walked in the room and asked what did he say?

he loves me

and..... do you love him?

i was shocked what did he mean the words sliped out with out me thinking. i do i love him alot. at that instant Rafa fell to the ground. i cried as i held on to his body between sobs i said you can't die no now!! you need to let him go he is no longer breathing Hugo said. no he's not dead he's not i screamed i looked up and i saw his soul he smiled and said some thing i couldn't hear he walked towards me and said "let go, you need to forget me." i no longer cared who was in the room, no Rafa i will never let you leave me because you promised to be by my side forever!! you're an angel you aren't suppose to die!!! Hugo looked at me and said Anastacia you need to let go. i--- i know i can bring him back i will not let him die!!! oh dear god what should i do i sobbed . i called Hugo to take him back i promised that i would go back by my self . i tried many times to kill my self i hated my self i killed the kindest most wonderful angel with out thinking. what could i do to bring him back my angel was gone. eventualy i got the courage to go back. people said its no your foult you didn't know but deep down in their counsiance the said i was despicable, horrible, that i didn't deserve to live!!

Frederick i'll marry you.

wonderful whe?


why so sudden?

because i want to be able to disapear from this place.

ok then we'll marry tomorow . and so we did i loved Rafa but i love Frederick the most in this world. on the night of our wedding he made me a vampire and i realized why i hated my little sister. i hated her because no matter what i did she never got mad instead she asked for forgivenes and she cryed for others instead of her self no matter what she would look at me and smile.
she has always smiled no matter what....................................i still love Rafa very much but now he is just a human memory that brings great pain. i lost most of my human memories and this is all that i remember.

chap.3 in the pressence of a fallen angel

Natalie and Leo love each other but they can never find peace. Leo is Frederics brother and has alot of problems. Leo and Natalie's future goes a little like this well atleast from what i've seen. but im not going to tell this story Natalie will.

Leo open your eyes do it for me please open your eye.

Natalie is that you?


how long have i been out?

4 days why?

did i do any thing to you!?

no calm down im alright

i think i should leave

no!!! why?

because things won't.......can' alright ..... we are too different..

it doesn't matter!!! my sister is a vampire the other ones a...... well we don't know... we all represent a planet!!! we were born different!!! we are so much a like that you don't even realise it!!!

there are so manny things i want you to be able to experience!!! i want you to have things i can't give you!!! things you'll never have if you're with me!!!

i don't care about what im giveing up!!! all i want is you!!! im doing this because i love you!!!

i love you, too. thats why i will not let you leave me behind we are in this together!!

i don't want to hurt you im doing this for your owen good!!! damnit why can't you understand!!!? that was a question more to him self than to me but it stung just the same.

no you don't understand if i let you leave i will never see you again!!! and you say i don't understand!!! you are a creature created by the verry breath of the night the everry wisper of the wind but even so you have no common sense!!!!

you are the verry first light not sunrise but that first ray of light that shines upon us in the morning your eyes reflect the warmth you give of. i may be senseless but im not stupid. you must understand that if i stay i will only hurt you.

no you won't who says you will?

i don't need anyone to tell me what i alredy know.

then why must you make every thing so complicated?

I told you I'd love you all my life.

Oh my love, but you never swore to adore me all your life

you gave me a stride towards the strength of tomorrow so now i'll go step by step towards the future on my own.

choose what path you may the only difference will be me.

why do you torture me so?

you torture your self.

find a dream you can follow insetead of this nightmare for it'll only bring sorrow.

if i do will you be alright with my desicion?

i swer on my love for you that i will choose whats best for you,

i walked out in a storm of anger just to find the little runt keep your friends close your enemys closer in this case much closer.

Alaina did you hear all that im sorry.

if you let him walk out now you will for ever forget him. when he comes back you will be another vampires mate, is that what you want?

no..... is the next vampire like him?

in looks no but in ations verry. you will condem your self to sorrow for that man will not love you.

her last words rang in my head that runt had that power she sounded so wise. in the end i didn't listen to her words and i let Leo leave. three years have passed and i haven't seen him since i met a guy alot like him he doesn't look like him but he is verry much like him his name is Tomas. i may have Tomas but i wait for Leo to come back i no longer age so that if Leo comes back he won't find a tumbstone so that he'll se my amber eyes glisten as they meet his.

i shall wait for eternity if that is what's needed.

chap. 4 i met a boy

Three years have passed i now work at the Hollybell cafe. an old friend of the family Anabell owns it along with her husband Nick, Anabell and Nick, it tourn out that Nick and Anabell didn't know each other until they both died in a car accident god gave them 1 week to live and they would deside who deserved to live so god brought them back to a park near the place they had died at first they thought it was all nonsense until Anabell started to walk away she fell to her knes gasping for air as soon as Nick walked with in a 3 meter radius she was better not only that but they could sense eacho others feelings as well as if they chared a soul. by the end of the week they had fallen in love so Nick told god that Anabell should survive but when she woke to find his cold body she killed her self there for god made Anabell a devil and Nick an angel. They found each other after deth and have been together ever since. While Austin and Star were your every day shape shifters nobody really know how they truly look not even i wich is preaty hard. most in this world don't know that 60% persent of the world is made up of creatures they call monsters foolish humans deraing us to beasts tis they who are the reall mongrols. who are they to tell us what we are? Austin's words still rang in my ears.

hello how may i help you Vlad? Vladamir Andrew Lewis 18 years onld and every thing a girl could ask for midnight hair that scream for your touch silver eyes that plead for you to stare at them for ever a nice mixture of tan and pale, muscular but not enough to scare you his clothes the regular black muscle shirt with a white vest and just regular old brown dress pants what was he? just a regular black wolf nothing out of the ordinary.

Alaina you know what i want, but i'll take the regular. i developed some neat powers one of the many mind reading but i didn't need to know what he was thinking it was clear. i rolled my eyes at him but i still gave him a sweet smile.

i need a regular!!! i told Anabell

why don't you say yes?

because he's a man of more than one woman.

he comes evey day and tips you greatly why don't you say yes?

im a princess who do you think you are to tell me what i should do?

sorry your highness but you are in my diner and while you're in my diner you work for me!!!

your diner!?! ok i see how you are Anabell.

ok just forget it.

well try to jougle 5 boys all expecting you to choose him. plus that one has a really bad status in my eyes.

say what you may but the boy is hot.

Nick cleared his throught, what are you ladys talking about?

nothing in particular, i said unwilling to allow him into the matter at hand

well it seams Mr. Lewis needs a refill will you be a dear and go refill his cup?

it wasn't a question but either way i answered yes.

i walked over to his table and sat down.

well Vlad you seem troubled whats wrong?

well you see. ok no need for mindreading in that on its going to be avery simple conversation from this point on. it won't take long for me to just tell him my answer and move on with my life and he can move along with his all thats needed is patiance. well mister wolf tell me a tale that will make me want to listen for ever.
its this girl he countinued.
hmmm i gave a simple nod and tryed to listen some more

she won't even give me a third glance if she has it her way and when im being serious she thinks im playing around.

well Mr. wolf it seems that this girl is being guided by your reputation and maybe for your pack when your tha " Alpha " its good but for people not of the same "species" its taken differently.

so what do you suggest i do?

well for one clear your status and then woo the girl if im not needed any more im going to take care of small matters it was nice to see and talk to you Vlad.

its time, Nick reminded me

yeah i know. i quickly changed back and ran out the back door. i was exited he was comming back!!! finaly after 2 years he was comming back!!!

he would have to wait because if i didn't run i would be late and the Princess Academy was not very lineant, but i was the future ruler of the Solar kingdome. either way i knew better. i kept running until i ran SMACK in to someone.

sorry i didn't see you. he said extanding his hand towards me

thats alright i was the one that ran into you. he looked at me quizeticaly

excuse me i hope you don't mind me asking but do you know where Alaina of Odelia might be at the moment? he asked

you are talking to her, could you help me find my tiara i don't know where the bloody thing is. its gold it looks as if two diferent vines of ivy were cureled towards each other an---

Alaina i found it and do you know who i am? i finaly looked up at the man just to discover that it was...

Elijha!!!! i haven't seen you in two years!!!!!!!!! oh my god im going to be late and thank you for finding my tiara. as soon as i placed it on my head the golden sphere reapeared and began to shine.

you're late for what? he asked.

mine and Leon's wedding.... for princess classes what did you think!!

thank god you were just joking!! you were just joking right.

may be ill see you later.

i ran until i reached the tremendus antique building it was supposed to make you feel safe and secure but instead it made you feel like a prisoner. the building its self was terafying enough the staff just added the cold chills to the hole murder house like struckture.

miss Odelia. the living dinasour also know as mrs.Veda the biggest fright in the school

yes mrs.Veda? i asked giving her my i have no idea why this happend face

forget it just get to class. she said rubbing her temples, shes so sweet but i can't show weakness towards any student, she thought. the Princess Academy was one of those places where they bessicaly made you shallow. all day they teach how to look preaty and how to use beauty to atain what you want and you learn the arts it was actually kinda fun but if you were going to be the next ruler of the people who go to school with you one must choose their friends wicely. men and wemen of power came to learn here but today every thing was going to change. there was something about the day. the day didn't really change untill the last hour of class when a boy with the same problem as me made his grand entrance. i was walking out and he was walking in we both stoped and stared... he tried to see my past as i saw his...... his life was hard but not as hard as mine.....
he was looking for some one or some thing that could help him control his power. we reached out for each other...... we were both so glad that we weren't alone anymore...... at the same moment Leon and Elijha pulled us away from each other
Elijha pulled me away and asked who the guy was but the only responce i gave him was let me go!! you don't understand!!! i didn't even understand why i wanted to be close to a guy i had never met........... Leon was being too rough with him he didn't know what that guy could do. if Leon kept pushing him he was going to let the deamon out, i strugled but i couldn't hurt Elijha and there was no way that i could get out of his grip with out hurting him.....
STOP!!! don't hurt him!! let him go!! i pleaded but they wouldn't listen... just what was it that we did that was so bad??? the only way to stop this was by using mothers pendant the one she couldn't even use.....
my voice was loud and clear from this moment on i had to choose my words carefully because each one would have a different outcome, but at the last moment i decided against using mind control. the scene streached out infront of me became blury and i began to fall into darkness and come back into the light it was all so confusing. Day apeared and so did Night and at that moment it was clear that some would die, no matter how hard i tryed i could only save 2. but which 2 i do not know......... the last thing i saw was the boy release the monster within him self

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Posted 1/10/09
very interesting! I hope there will be more soon ^^
Posted 1/10/09
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Posted 1/11/09
Keep going! This is really good!
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Posted 1/11/09
OHHH Nice Story =D I like it lots!!
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Posted 1/14/09
im working on it
Posted 1/14/09
your story is pretty good
Posted 1/14/09
aweshum :]]
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Posted 1/14/09
thank you
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Posted 1/16/09
Oooohhh, nice =D
Which one will it be.... Elijha or Leon...? I'm rooting for Elijha .^^.
lol, Orion didn't know it was his own anniversary...? xD
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Posted 1/16/09

ember1116 wrote:

Oooohhh, nice =D
Which one will it be.... Elijha or Leon...? I'm rooting for Elijha .^^.
lol, Orion didn't know it was his own anniversary...? xD

yeah im not sure who Alaina will end up with.
yeah i found that funny to !!!
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Posted 1/18/09
Ooohh, English is your second language? I see ^^ What's you native tongue?
And it's okay to have bad spelling ^^ I've been speaking English my whole life, and I still have some pretty terrible spelling ^^'
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Posted 1/18/09 , edited 1/18/09

ember1116 wrote:

Ooohh, English is your second language? I see ^^ What's you native tongue?
And it's okay to have bad spelling ^^ I've been speaking English my whole life, and I still have some pretty terrible spelling ^^'

Spanish is my native language
thank you!!

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Posted 1/18/09
^^ That's awesome =D
I'm learning French right now ^^
And no problem ^^
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Posted 1/18/09
i was in french class for a little but not very long
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