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[game] Kukai X Utau (Kutau)
Posted 1/10/09 , edited 1/11/09
since i'm bored and there are no games about kutau, i jus made it ^_^ hope u guys lik this.......

Okay, the rules are simple..........

1. you can add some Amuto, Tadamu, Ikutau, or others..........

2. please do NOT bash

3. please don't add OC (Original Characters)in the story....It's okay like
"Detective Conan-kun: YAY!! i like this moment [not in the story]"

4. and the last, please be kind to each other and enjoy ^_^

Thx^^ now i'll start

one day, kukai was walking home from skool when he heard a song.........

Kukai: hey daichi, did u hear something??
Daichi: yes i think its a song coming from somwhere.....
Kukai: maybe......................
Daichi: hey i know this song ive heard it somewhere........
Kukai: hmm............lets just go n see
so they run to where the song comes from............when they arrived they saw Utau singing in a concert.....
Kukai: ooooh isnt it Utau???
Daichi: ooooh its only utau <_<..........lets go home kukai im tired..........
Kukai: *staring at Utau* ........................................
Daichi: Kukai?? ......................
Kukai: *still staring at Utau* ......................................
Daichi: Kukai!!??................................
Kukai: *still staring at Utau* ......................................
Daichi: KUKAI!!!!!!
Kukai: oh srry lets go home daichi *they walked home*............
Kukai: *thinking* she's kinda cute :blush:.............wait!! wat am i tinking??
Then they arrived at home.............

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Posted 1/11/09 , edited 1/11/09
When they got home kukai cant stop thinking about utau
Posted 1/11/09 , edited 1/11/09
Kukai: What?
Dachi: Were you listening to what I was saying?!
Kukai: That me and Utau are going to get married?
Kukai: What a long word for a little guy like you aye. You can be the best man at our wedding.
Dachi: OKAY! =D
Utau: Why was there a freakisly cute boy staring at me in the croud? I swear I know him from some where..
Iru: What? You in love peeerrrrrrleeeeeassee (as in please) Screw love, LET'S RULE THE WORLD!
Eru: I SEE LOVE ~Target LOCK ON!~
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Posted 1/11/09 , edited 1/11/09
*the next day*

kukai is walking to school and accidentally bumps into utau.....

utau turns around

utau thinking.: oh shit its that cute boy from yesterday

kukai: u-uu-utau?! oh gomenai...

utau thinking: oh i know! he's one of hinamori amu's friend....wait why do i care?

Eru: I SEE LOVE~ Target LOCK ON~~~

kukai and utau: ehh?!?!?!?!?
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Posted 1/11/09 , edited 1/11/09
doki doki~~blushblush
tadase strolls by
tadase: utau?! kukai?! what are you guys doing together??
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Posted 1/13/09 , edited 1/13/09
utau: someone had to bump into me (acting all cold again)
kukai: what? you fully knocked into ME!
utau and kukai start arguing....

Rima: STFU GUYS! UR ARGUING LIKE HUSBAND AND WIFE!!! (lmao...i couldnt think of anyone else that would say lets pretend rima came w/ tadase)

kukai: EH? with THAT crazy lady???
utau: YOu've GOT to be kidding me!
(like at the same time)
tadase: minna...i think we should all get going...
Posted 1/16/09 , edited 1/17/09
Kukai: anyway, tadase why r u here??
Tadase: I'm jus walking
Rima: no we're dating!!!!
Tadase: Rima, dont say that!!
Utau: *thinking* so theyre dating
Rima: lets go tadase.......
Tadase: ummm..........okay see u later guys
tadase and rima left..........
Utau: *thinking* no were left only together i dont know wat to say to him......
Kukai: *also thinking that*
Utau: ..............................anyway i gotta go theres a concert
Kukai:oh well see u later.........

Posted 1/16/09 , edited 1/17/09
As they were walking both trying to get away. Kukai is staring away thinking of Utau's adorable face while Utau is looking down at her shoes. But, before one of them could make a move Yaya and Amu pop out.

Yaya: Kukai!!!
Yaya begins to hug Kukai and her face against his.
Utau: Get off of him octopus!
Yaya: Eh? When has Utau-chan been going out with Kukai
Kukai: Going... out?!
Utau: Someone as mighty as me would be going out with this person!
Amu: But you two do look good together
Amu smiles softly staring at Kukai
Kukai: Does anyone care 'bout what I think?
Amu: Don't worry Kukai I feel the same way.
Amu stands next to Kukai but Utau catches her.
Utau: Move it PIG!
Amu: What's that?! Atleast I don't eat ramen 24/7!
Utau: Pickin' a fight with me KID?!
Amu: Maybe so..!
Yaya: Yaya wants a piece of this!
So the 3 girls are arguing while Kukai stands there spacing out.
Kukai: No Amu... I'm the only one who feels this way.
Suddenly Utau trips on Amu and falls over to Kukai. Kukai hold Utau tight and blushes. Utua quickly jumps out of his grip.
Utau: DORK! Don't touch me like that! I'd rather fall on the ground then fall into your hands!
Amu and Yaya stand there speechless. Kukai laughs and then smiles at Utau and she blushes.
Utau: *thinks* What to do what to do?! I know!
Utau: I'm late for my concert!
Kukai: O-Oh yeah...
Amu stares at the two trying to get away from eachother. Amu quickly pushes Utau into Kukai. Utau's lip was about to touch Kukai's. But Utau didn't allow it and aimed to the top, his nose. Both of them fall to the floor...
Posted 1/25/09 , edited 1/25/09
Utau & Kukai: HEY what r you going to do!!!
Amu: ehehe
Utau: anyway IM LATE TO THE CONCERT !!! the manager would be mad soooo c u later guys *runs and go to the concert and accidentally drops her wallet*
Yaya: were also late to school amu-chi........lets go *grabs amu's hands and goes to school*
Kukai *sees Utau's wallet* hmm................who's wallet is this??? lets open it...........hey its utau's photo this should be her wallet..............well i'll just return it later........anyway IM LATE TO SCHOOL!!! *dashes to school*

after school................

Kukai: daichi lets return this wallet.............
Daichi: okay
then they go to utau's apartment

in Utau's apartment.....
hmmm..... where should my wallet be??


Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/10/09
then kukai knock the door

Kukai : Hello Is Hoshina Utau-san in here?
Utau : what's up?
Kukai : Oh It you, I am just giving back your wallet that fall down when you are running
Utau : Oh Thankx *blush*
Kukai Thinks :*Utau sure look cute when she were like that*
Utau : anyway when did you add *san* in my name?
Kukai : umm....umm....mmmm...... I don't know
Utau : did you talk before you thinks?
Kukai : nope..... not really
Utau : But it ok, when you didn't add *san* in my name my manager will be angry.
Then ......

(Continue Please)
Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/11/09
Kukai: Well since I returned you the wallet I'll be going home now -0-
Utau: =_= Wait!
Kukai: What? -_-
Utau: Don't just leave like that. Have some juice or something. -0-
Kukai: Okay, gimme. -_-
Utau: -0-
Kukai: Utau, don't you have work today?
Utau: No. The manager just called me that I can have a rest today.
Kukai: Then wanna come to my house? o_o
Utau: Why would I spend my precious, rare breaktime with you, idiot! =0=
Kukai: Fine then. -_- I was about to tell you about Ikuto and Hinamori -0-
Utau: o_o You know about them???
Kukai: Of course. -_- Hinamori always go to see Ikuto right after school.
Utau: OMG I'm sooo gonna kick her a**!!
Kukai: Calm down. -_- You coming or not?
Utau: Of course I will! I won't let Amu take Ikuto away from me!
Kukai: -_-
The two goes to Kukai's home.

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Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/11/09
arrives at home

kukai: ok it's not much but it's my home
Utau:so so what about amu and ikuto
kukai:sigh. i was just said that so i could spend more time with you i really don't know much about them except that i saw yesterday at the park and they were sharing the same ice cream.
Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/11/09
Utau: WHAAAAAT!!!! =0= They were sharing an ice cream?!! =0=
Kukai: Kyahh >.<
Utau: Kukai, where are they right now? =_=
Kukai: Who knows. -.- Probably in Hinamori's house?
Utau: That annoying brat!! I'm gonna kill her!! =0=
Kukai: Utau,, -.-
Utau: Let's go!!
Kukai: o_o ?
Utau: Let's go to Amu's house right now! Maybe those two are doing something unexpected!! =0=
Kukai: Leave them alone. -_- It's none of our business.
Utau: If Ikuto is involved, then it is my business!
Kukai: Scary >_<;;
Utau forces Kukai to go to Amu's house.

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Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/11/09
amu and ikuto sitting on her bed
amu: ikuto i don't know if this is right what if my parents come in
Ikuto: don't worry i won't let anything happen to you *smiles lovingly*
Utau: come on kukai we have to get over there now
Kukai: can't we just give them some space
Utau: no of course not he's mine
climbs on window sill pulls kukai sees ikuto and amu on her bed
Utau:how could you!
ikuto: utau? what are you doing here
Utau: how could you do this to me i thought you loved me lets go kukai
kukai: wait utau hold on maybe theres more to- *gets dragged out by utau*
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Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/11/09
Utau: IKUto!! i hate you!! *she walked out while crying n dragging kuaki with her*
Amu: Utau- don't go! iit's a misunderstanding!!! *go out after utau n kukai*
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