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[game] Kukai X Utau (Kutau)
Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/11/09
Kukai: Seriously you just came here for that? -0- Just the words "How could you" makes you think it'll solve the problem? -_-
Utau: What do you want me to do,, Ikuto looked happy T-T
Kukai: Hey, why are you crying? o_o;;
Utau: Wahhhh!! T0T
Kukai: U-Utau?
Utau: WAHHHH!!! T0T
Kukai: Stop crying! =_=
Utau: .....??
Kukai: Just forget about Ikuto already! The one he loves the most is Hinamori!
Utau: No! I won't let her,,
Kukai: Utau, I'll be the one to make you happy from now on.
Utau: What..?
Kukai: Go out with me.
Amu hears about this.

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Posted 2/11/09 , edited 2/11/09
just to say i acually do like amuto
utau: looks up *sniffle* your right i should give up ikuto
Kukai: grin spreads across face i'll take care of you
Amu: god no it didn't work get off me ikuto
Amu:i never liked you i liked kukai i just wanted to make him jealous but it didn't work he's going out with utau i got to go after him bye ikuto
Ikuto: amu wait no
d- - - that kukai. i'll get him
Posted 2/11/09 , edited 2/12/09
What?! -_- Wait a minute Amu likes Kukai?! =0=

Kukai: >_< >_< Now we're in girlfriend and boyfriend relationship! >_< >_<
Utau: -_- I guess we are,,
Kukai: T-T Utau you don't seem so happy,,
Utau: I am happy. To think that you actually like me,,
Kukai: ^-^
Ikuto: Yo. -0-
Kukai: o_o You're,, Ikuto! -0-
Utau: I-Ikuto?! o//o
Ikuto: You, I'll never let you take Amu away from me. -_-
Kukai: What? -_-
Ikuto: Yoru, let's go.
Yoru: Okay-nyah. :3
Kukai: Wait what the heck was he just saying? -_-
Utau: I don't know.. o_o
Meanwhile Amu...

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Posted 8/10/09 , edited 8/14/09
....was stomping off getting mad at herself by the minute.

Back to Utau and Kukai

Utau:Oh no i just remembered i've got an upcoming concert to preapare for!
Kukai:Oh no!
Utau:I've got to go now!
Kukai:Let me join you!
Kukai:Because the way to your recording studio is the way to my house!
*while they were running*
Kukai:By the way Utau,since were now ya know maybe wanna go out tomorrow??
Utau:Ok!*pant*Fine by me.
*They reached the recording studio*
Utau:Bye Kukai!!
Kukai:Bye Utau!!

[countinue plz.]
Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
*her practice is over,she went home then at her house....her room was a mess!!*
Utau:Hmmm....What should i wear??
*Ikuto enters*
Utau:Oh hey ikuto.
Ikuto:Utau what happened to your room!?It's like its been hit by a tornado of clothes!
Utau:Yeah,Yeah.Just stop whining.Yesh.Why does he have to be so pushy.
Ikuto:*giggles**laughs**laughs even harder**Even harder*Utau....i need.....air......hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
Utau:Why the heck are u laughing??
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