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Okay, as you can see, the title for this game is "what's the connection?". We'll connect the words.......It's hard for me to explain it in english but I'll give you an example.

1. Pencil = Student
2. Student = Teacher
3. Soldier = Guns
4. Table = Chair
5. Door = Window

As you can see, the pencil has a connection with a student. Why? Because the student uses a pencil but it can also be anyone using it or things that has a connection with it. Like pencil has a connection with an eraser. Next one is student having a connection with a teacher. This is because the teacher teaches the student in school (I know that we all know that). Next is soldier and guns. It has a connection because the soldier uses the
in battle or somewhere else. Next is table and chair has a connection because they are seen in the dining room, living room etc. and they are somehow related. Next is door and window having a connection. This is because the door and window can be seen on houses, buildings, schools etc.

So, in other words, this game show what they have and how are they related to each other. ^^
If you have any questions about this game or this group that you don't understand, please ask at the "Questions About This Group" forum. I'll answer the questions as soon as possible.


Okay now, let's play! I'll start...


Now it's your turn. ^^
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♥Crown ( my name ) = Royalty

aahaha, that's all i can think of right now! >_<
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Royalty = King
King = Tadase

hehe... I put two... XD
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