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Post Reply Did you cry?
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Posted 10/15/11 , edited 10/16/11
I was rather disappointed. I didn't come close to crying, nor did I ever feel a sense of emotional involvement. This was hardly a collection of stories--more like character sketches perhaps. The second part keeps the viewer too far away from Tonoo's inner thoughts and feelings. Any chance at developing the empathy that I'd need to find the 3rd part sad was destroyed by it. At the end, I really didn't care much about his situation.

I find myself thinking about this work much like Voices of a Distant Star. It tries to build the atmosphere with a very disconnected method that just utterly fails for me.
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Posted 10/16/11 , edited 10/16/11
A sad story. Perhaps a Shakespearean tragedy, with out anyone dying of course.
I didn't cry, but it was sad.
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Posted 10/30/11 , edited 10/30/11
Yeah, I cried. I wanted to watch it again, but stupid Crunchyroll had to take it off...
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Posted 11/2/11 , edited 11/3/11
the most painful part of the movie was when akari had a wedding ring on his hand...

all those lingering thoughts of "maybe they will still be together in future" or some kind of cliche ending where they'll be together in the end was gone in that instant...
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Posted 1/21/12 , edited 1/21/12
I tried to hold it in (but failed) .
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Posted 2/13/12 , edited 2/13/12
Yeah, I cried It was so sad
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Posted 3/2/12 , edited 3/3/12
Did I cry? Yes. I don't mind admitting to it.

Mostly episode 2.

Episode 3 felt like a punch to the stomach. That hollow shock after the train passed. I kind of lost a bit sympathy for Takaki after the first viewing.

Tenmon's OST is so simple yet gives the old heartstrings a good thrashing. I don't think the emotional impact for have been the same without it.
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Posted 4/21/12 , edited 4/22/12
When the movie ended I felt terrible. You know, I was like and if one day I met a girl fell in love with her but we get separed because of some reason. Will I be like that? If one day I lose her will I be sad for the rest of my lifelike him . Will I be able to ever love someone again or wake upa morning with the will of shoot myselt in the head. You know! so when I saw this great master Movie I said to myself if one day I met a girl who I truly love I will do anything to stay by her side (sorry for my english. I'm actuallly a Tahitian guys so my english is kinda lame).

I hope I will not be the last guys to write on this site
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