Vampire Knight Role-Play
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(Well, since VK have no Role-Play thread, I decided to make one. Or maybe I just wanna Role-Play in VK. Tired of Shugo Charas. xD Well, here's the form.)

NOTE: For pureblood species, if you're lucky, you might get selected. So here's how the pure-bloods are born. Me chose X > X chose Y (Y cannot choose, because if its like this, there will be lots. o.O
When choosing, someone like Rido's fun. xD

If you wish to become a Guardian, I'll choose two out of twenty.


Species: Ex-Human/ Vampire/ Level E/ Human/ Guardian

Age & born:

Class: Day/Night


Ability: (Mind Control/Fire Manipulation/ Ice..Etc.)



Extra:(Optionless, what you want to add.)

(Enjoy!! :D)
(After you created your profile, just Role-Play, no need to wait for approvals.)
1. You can create as many characters as you like.
2. You can control the students, teachers and chairman, but please, don't make them suicide or stuff like that.
3. If you suck student's blood, erase the memories.
4. You're in Cross Academy, but if you want to go to the city/town or overseas, sure, you can.
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Name: Yuiki Mizuki

Species: Vampire

Age & born: 13 since 1987

Class: Day (She doesn't want to be with the Night Class but soon after she will)

Personality: She's a well-mannered girl and often sleeps during the day and active at night. Her grades are above average.

Ability: Crystal Manipulation. She can create crystals and stab the enemy. (More will reveal later)


Background: She's born in a vampire family. But since she wanted to live like normal humans does, she attend classes in the day, although she skips a lot.

The chairman convinces her to transfer to the night class a lot. But she always refuses.
She doesn't know if the Night Class knew that she's a vampire.
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