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What was your favorite song when you were a kid?
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28 / F / La La Land
Posted 8/17/09

By Kris Kross

i loved that song so much
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26 / F / ✖ 필리핀 ✖
Posted 9/7/09
barneys song haha
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Posted 9/7/09
Vengaboys - We Like To Party
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53 / F / Western Europe
Posted 10/17/09 , edited 10/17/09
Bye Bye Baby by the Bay City Rollers.
Every time that was on the TV is screamed and screamed and screamed!
Posted 10/17/09

HYDfan478 wrote:

Mine was Lucky by Britney Spears.

Haha! I liked that song when I was little, too! I secretly still like it...Britney's earlier songs were the shit!
I also liked Too Much by The Spice Girls & Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics? Are they the ones who sing that song?
My mom also had the soundtrack to Mary, it was a record, and I listened to it all the time! LOL
In fact, most of the music I listened to when I was a kid was old records of my mom's! Like, the soundtrack to Teen Wolf, The Police, some Mickey Mouse Club stuff, and various bands from the 70's which I don't remember the names of because my mom doesn't have these records anymore...
Oh, and I liked S Club 7 & Aaron Carter, too...but everybody in my school listened to S Club 7 and Aaron Carter.
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25 / M / hades
Posted 4/15/10
the thing that should not be...

the god that failed by metallica

slapshock songs...i've been listening since I was a kid

tunog kalye(alternative rock during those times...alternative rock sucks today...)

some of what my dad listens to...
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23 / F / Canada
Posted 9/4/10 , edited 9/4/10
Barbie Girl XD
Para Para Sakura Aaron Kwok
Bye Bye Bye - Nsync

Still Do
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