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Posted 4/28/09

Wolf Name: Yukiko
Age: 13
Weapon: Swords Made Outta Ice xD

Description: Member of The ice Clan

Extra Info: Yukiko is A "Female Wolf/Human" And She was born on a floating ice..


Crush/Lover: None

Personality: Nice,Brave, Never Gives Up,Cheerful, Fun to be wit

Type: Ice Clan/Wolf
Posted 5/11/09 , edited 5/11/09
Wolf Name: Ulva

Age: 15

Weapon: her powers

Description: Her fur is a mix of beige and dark brown with lines of blue highlighting certain areas.

Extra Info: Friend of Corbin the crow


Crush/Lover: None

Personality: She is very shy around people she doesn’t know and it could be a couple of days or weeks before she is comfortable around them. She is very reserved, keeping all her problems to herself, stubbornly refusing to share them with others because she does not want to burden them. Ulva tends to think that she is unworthy, or inferior, and she is quick to blame herself. She doesn’t like to accept help from others, though she will usually not hesitate to aid others if she thinks that she is able to. Easily intimidated, Ulva will refuse to look people in the eye and fiddles with things when she is upset. Ulva is very skittish; her first instinct in any difficult situation is too flee. She is also very sensitive, it doesn’t take much to hurt her feelings, and she gets attached to things and other people very easily.

Type: of the shadow clan
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F / City of NY
Posted 5/12/09 , edited 5/12/09
Wolf Name: Dawnstriker
Age: 16
Weapon: Magical jewel that sends out a whip of an ice beam

Description: Member of the Ice Clan

Extra Info: Loner, swift and vicious. Always goes in the hollows under the midnight moon. Praying about something. but nobody knows what she's up to. Everyone thinks she's a nobody. but you can change her opinions . . . about others. She thinks others are not really, well, there's no word for it so far. Anyway, she is just independent. And is used to being alone. She isn't much of a help for her clan. Should they just kick her out? Except when it comes to battles.

Wolf form:

Human form:

Crush/Lover: Can't tell yet

Personality: Loyal (to who she knows), Brave, Bold, Valor, and Energetic.

Type: Ice

(The whip is made out of magic (ice magic) and it comes from the stone)
Posted 5/16/09

Ulva and Dawnstriker ur accepted!
Posted 12/2/09
Wolf Name: mizuke
Age: 12
Weapon: paws and sword(sword is when im a human)

Description: im a member of the demon clan

Extra Info: I have been a demon since I as lil and I never had friends because they where in different clans intill I made a beast firned that’s a boy hes name is mizu


Crush/Lover: none :3 sow far

Personality: smiles a lot and a realy good fighter

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