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Posted 1/12/09 , edited 1/16/09
Raccoon City University

This is the university of Raccoon City. Formerly home to thousands of students and a bustling campus, it's now infested and unfit for teaching, to say the least.

Parts of the building:

Main Building
This is the Campus Center Building at the heart of the Raccoon University campus. On the first floor we have lobbies, help desks, offices, and multipurpose rooms, all of which are empty now. Also on the first floor is the dining hall, now strewn with broken plates and decomposing food. About twenty lecture halls are located on the second floor; now they are empty, and all who enter will hear an eerie echo through the rooms. The third floor houses the massive library at RCU, filled with incredible amounts of written knowledge that are now useless. Some bookcases have toppled over, turning the whole library into a mess. Also on the third floor are some now-unused study rooms.

The dormitories are housed in several adjacent brick buildings, each with four floors. While the dorms used to be active and filled with students year-round, they are now deserted and their maintenance has been neglected. The halls are empty and most of the doors to the rooms are broken open or snapped off completely. Almost everything is looted and covered in graffiti. It's depressing, really.

I.T. Department
The RCU technology department is a two-floor building. Outside the lobby is the IT Room, where the workers' cubicles are situated. Down the hall there are highly sophisticated computer labs with smartboards, projection systems, and hundreds of high-power computers. Also on the first floor is the print station, where the printers are located and students normally submit their work for printing. The true technology that kept RCU running is on the second floor. This floor is filled with rooms and rooms of servers and routers, with cable all over the place. It is tightly packed up here. The entire building is in a state of disarray, with monitors broken and cables strewn all over the place.

Transportation and Sewer System
The main roads leading to RCU fork off here, where buses used to transport students around campus. Also here is a railroad station used for travel on trains. Underneath this area are the sewers below RCU. They are now long abandoned and, without a conductor alive, it's dangerous to even be near them. Possibly, opening the doors to one of the train cars might let out unknown creatures lurking in the gore-splashed death trap they call cabs.

Underground Laboratories
The more serious experiments done at Raccoon University are done here, in an underground structure at the edge of the campus boundaries. Large scale chemical and physics experiments are done here. Various dangerous devices are spread across the area, like primitive, failed particle accelerators, destroyed prototype fusion generators, and chemical composition machines, all of which can prove to be deadly in the wrong hands. The area is regarded as highly unsafe now.

Biomedical Department
This is the biomedical department, a large one-floor building. Inside there are various labs and study rooms. Many of the "experiments" from classes have been left unattended for quite a while now; no one knows just what could be happening in these labs now.... Also in this building are a lecture hall and various offices, which are now dilapidated. Trashed phials and disgusting floating objects which once may have been toads or pig fetuses lay on the ground in pickled jars.
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