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Post Reply Yo, people, what's up? lol
Posted 1/12/09 , edited 1/12/09
Yooooo ppl , nice u joined my group lols
Sooo here we can talk about ourselve , hobbies, stupid teachers, fucking school and so on. whatever you like :)

feel free to add photos too lol x)

Ok, well i will start tehehe :D
the description is abit too much abt me i guess but u know one important thing :
my old profile which i nuked was : jaejoong_kyuhyun x)
well i got into dramas and thought i could leave them behind me but i was stupid and i dont want to look away from them so i came back as devil. ^_~ u can also call me jae instead :D

im 14 , from germany , tall, blonde and have blue eyes. im wearing glasses and love sports x). im dancing, riding, jumping on the trampoline and do much more x)).

well i guess that was enough to stalk me LOLZ ..tehehe have fun ppl and reply pwease >.<
Posted 1/12/09 , edited 1/12/09

The name's Amanda.
-I am 16 years young lol
-dark brown eyes.
- height: 5'2
-im from asia.
- i LOVE music, singing, drawing, makin up short stories, i adore poems, i like badminton, i hate creepy pedophiles. and i probably hate bossy people. (to be honest.... i REALLY hate boss-i-ness)
and last but not leastt.....
-i LOVE shoppin, parties and meetin new peopleeee!!!!! Xddddd

is that enough?

Posted 1/12/09 , edited 1/12/09
yeah its enough though lol x)))
well , everybody can type just what he/she wanna say [ if it isnt too pervy though LOL XD]
Posted 1/13/09 , edited 1/13/09

Oh Oh. btww, i made a poem about school.
not that classy but,, just wanna express myselff.

a-ahemm. *clears throat*

school is a bore
that i could maybe snore
in the room
full of gloom
no more happiness today
coz it always fades away
for all the children who needs sleep
they hate hearin their alarms go beep beep beep
when one doesnt know the answer
the kid cant resist swearing at the teacher
and i know im not the only one
who would be happy if school was gone.

i kinda liked that lol
Posted 1/13/09 , edited 1/13/09
its awesome ^_^
and yeah i wanna do the same LOL X333333.
Posted 1/18/09 , edited 7/5/09
Hii ^^
Name's deerdreem ^^ but i prefer u calling me "Dreem" =3 i'm 16 years old & female ^^ well there's nothing much about me ^_^" ok let me start with my hobbies.....

- My Hobbies are: Reading (romance, comedy, fantasy & adventure), watching anime, reading manga, watching movies, in the mode: dancing xDD, etc.
- Height: 160 cm (pretty short -__-")
- Fav. Sports: Swimming, Tennis
- Places 2 go: Tokyo Japan, Paris, Sitting on a cloud (so sweet >w<), To the Sea, traveling around the world =D
- About Skool: Boring, Stupid, Tiring, Stress, Annoying & most importantlly "HELL" >_<
- Interests: Drawing & Reading.....
- Fav. Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura, One Piece, Itazura na Kiss, Shining Tears X Wind, Shaman King, etc.
- Fav. Manga: D.N. Angel, Tsubasa Chronicle, Kobato, Kamichama Karin, Bokura ga ita, Fairy cube etc.

i donno wat else either ^^ can't think of anything right now haha ^_^"

Well ur turn =)
Posted 1/18/09 , edited 1/18/09
tehehe nice twinnie :)
well i never knew u are 15cm shorter than me o.0
damnit ! lol xD
Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/19/09
ya i know *looks down*................
Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/19/09
*tilts ur head up* look up when u are shorter LOL XDDDD
Posted 1/22/09 , edited 1/22/09
i just realized that ive gone tall yesterday!!!
heigghhht! = 5'3
Posted 1/22/09 , edited 1/22/09
wooow uhm whats that in centimetres??? XD
Posted 1/28/09 , edited 1/28/09
i dont have a clue. but when its estimated i think its 180-200 cm !
Posted 1/28/09 , edited 1/28/09
O_O cant be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha xD
Posted 2/1/09 , edited 2/1/09
that was a joke!!! im not that small. my height is really 5,9
im not a little midgey!
Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09
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