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Posted 1/12/09 , edited 1/12/09
Hey guys this is something that one of my good friends wrote. It really challenges what we as Christians stand for. Please read it. It's really deep and insightfull. Totally inspired by God.

True Christianity:It's kind of funny...

Can’t we understand? If this is true and we profess to believe it NOTHING else matters. I mean, can we even understand that? We use words for the convenience of expressing complex thoughts and ideas but I don’t think one word can describe nothing. Nothing is everything and everything is all. There are only two choices, there is no middle ground. Either it is true and in fact nothing else matters, or it is not true and all of us who claim its truth are crazy. Belief is manifested through action. How do I know if I believe? Look at your life. Does the way you live resemble a life a belief? Does nothing else matter to you? Do you do things that make no sense to those around and not care what they think?

2000 years ago a book was written about a man claiming to be the son of God and the Savior of the world. Today this book still exists and everyday people are giving everything to this God. There are no other options, there is one question and the answer is simple. Do you believe? Yes or no. So maybe you don’t believe. Then you must think we are crazy. Science can’t prove God. There is no concrete evidence, but yet every single day thousands give there life to this idea, this thing, this God. Lives are transformed. So maybe you are the crazy one. You search for love and acceptance and fulfillment where it doesn’t exist. You are perpetually disappointed and never content or satisfied. You are empty. Whether you will admit it or not, deep inside you know that there has to be more. Maybe at this point you still believe the lies that you tell yourself. Everything will be better when I get that job, or make that much money, or lose that much weight, or get married, or win that award. But as always, time and again you are disappointed and always looking for fulfillment in that next thing. One day you look back on your life and realize that it was just a long series of disappointments and empty successes.

Wow. Who is crazy? God doesn’t make sense. You must give it all to find life, happiness, fulfillment…but these things do exist. So for you who claim to believe, do your actions show it? If not maybe you should take a deep look at your ‘belief.’ All we have to do is believe, but what is it to believe? If you truly believe that your house will be hit by a tornado you would act on that belief. So what if true belief isn’t just a feeling or a thought, or even an idea? What if belief equals action? That changes everything. No longer is our salvation dependent on lip service to God, but on a transformed life of belief inspired action and true acceptance of God’s free gift of salvation through genuine belief.

What about grace??? Grace is the fact that God even offers salvation to such a wretched people. Grace is God requiring only our true belief to save not only our souls from hell but to give us life on earth. Grace is that in our attempt for complete obedience we mess up and it is ok. Grace is not saying a prayer and living your life how ever you want. Christ gave His life for us and God requires that we also give our lives to Him…so I commit my life and everything in it to this idea to this God. To a God who loves people so much that our words cannot describe it. To a God that will give abundant life to those who belief and seek His face. To a God who will heal all of our diseases if we believe. To a God who provides a fulfillment and peace that cannot and will not ever be found in anything else. Salvation is free. Everything else is contingent upon our belief and obedience.

It’s kind of funny how your passions and desires change when you really give everything to Christ…
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24 / F / here!!! lol
Posted 12/18/09
wow thats powerful!!
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