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Posted 1/13/09 , edited 1/13/09

The Gathering on January 17, 2009 and Super Junior's 1st Fan Meeting in the Philippines are 2 different events.

The main purpose of the Gathering on January 17, 2009 is to collect the Membership Registration Forms needed for the headcount before we push thru the desired Fan Meeting in August that ELF Philippines Committee is organizing. It is also an open Forum for those who will attend. Everyone is invited and it's your chance to join ELF Philippines and participate activities.

There are some changes on the upcoming Gathering on January 17, 2009. The underlined details are the changes so please update yourself...

WHAT: The ELF Philippines Gathering 2009 (Fan Meeting Headcount)

WHEN: January 17, 2009 (10 AM to 2 PM)

WHERE: SM Clark, Gateway Mall Cubao, Ayala Center Cebu, SM Davao (same date and time)

Attend to the venue nearest you:

SM Clark: Star Bucks Coffee
text: 0929 365 1588

Gateway Mall Cubao: Star Bucks Coffee
text: 0921 458 6457

Ayala Center Cebu: The Terraces (near The Gustavians)
text: 0922 736 5305

SM Davao: Bo's Cafe
text: 0918 385 3871

Bring the following:

1) ELF Philippines Membership Registration Form
2) Photocopied ID
3) 60 Pesos (for the PVC Membership ID) (No other fees required.)

Download the form here:

If you couldn't download the form, you can just have a copy when you attend the Gathering.

If you think your schedule on that day is full and if you won't be able to attend the Gathering, you may just send the 3 requirements before January 17, 2009 to our PO Box address thru ordinary mail. Sealed them with a legal-sized white envelop. Make sure to seal the documents by using a scotch-tape.

ELF Philippines
PO Box 3299 Balibago Post Office
Balibago Angeles City 2024
Pampanga Philippines


The ELF Philippines Gathering 2009 FAQs:

Why do we need to attend "The ELF Philippines Gathering 2009"?

In order to make the Fan Meeting happen, everyone needs to participate. The ELF Philippines Gathering 2009 is the right time we can count the fans of Super Junior here in the Philippines who are interested to participate before pushing thru the desired Fan Meeting.

Does it mean that the Fan Meeting is not yet sure?

There are some gossips that the ELF Philippines Committee never mentioned but the Fan Meeting being organized by ELF Philippines is a true information. The proposal started in October 2008. The Committee of ELF Philippines have already sent a request letter to SM Entertainment and what we need to do now is to pursue it by making each member participate. Every Filipino fan counts to occupy atleast 3000 seating capacity concert hall. Thai ELFs are interested to attend and fill the arena too.

Where is the prospective venue of the desired Fan Meeting?

We have 6 choices but all those 6 concert halls have different seating capacities that's why we need a headcount on the Gathering to make sure that Super Junior will not see empty seats when the Fan Meeting happens.

Why are there four venues on the Gathering?

The ELF Philippines Committee decided to hold a Gathering in four different venues on January 17, 2009 to reach out those who are outside Metro Manila area.

Why do we need to submit a Photocopied ID along with the Membership Registration Form?

We need to submit a Photocopied ID to verify that we are using our real names.

What is the 60 Pesos fee for?

The 60 Pesos is for the Membership PVC ID.

What is PVC?

PVC is an acronym for Plastic Vinyl Card which is the same material used for ATM cards.

Here is an example of a PVC ID:

Super Junior Official Global Fan Club ELF ID



If we join ELF Philippines, are we automatically members of ELF run by SM Entertainment in South Korea?

ELF Philippines is the Philippine-based Fanclub of Super Junior. By joining ELF Philippines, we represent our own Country and another means of embracing Super Junior's Culture and giving much respect. When you join ELF Philippines, it doesn't automatically convert you as a member of ELF run by SM Entertainment. For Filipinos, joining ELF run by SM Entertainment would be easier by starting in ELF Philippines. The Committee of ELF Philippines are dedicating their time for Super Junior and giving assistance to the Filipino fans of Super Junior wherever they are.

What can you suggest about those who would not be able to attend the Gathering on January 17, 2009?

They can send their ELF Philippines Membership Registration Forms, Photocopied IDs, and 60 Pesos thru the PO Box address of ELF Philippines.

ELF Philippines
PO Box 3299 Balibago Post Office
Balibago Angeles City 2024
Pampanga Philippines

How can we get a copy of the Registration Form?

You can download it or you can have a copy on the day of the Gathering.

Download here:

Whom should I text after I send the 3 Requirements by mail?

Call or text 0927 251 1774.

Let's all make it happen. be there! ^^
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