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Kaitou Kid or Kaito Kuroba?
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Posted 1/14/09 , edited 1/14/09

MikizukiFujisawa brought this up with me cuz of my obvious obsession. And it's a very very good point. Who do you like more? The mysterious Kid or playful cute Kaito? It's so hard to decide, they are really one and the same, but if they were different people, and if you had to choose...

And of course, I'll make this into a game (why have you abandoned the alphabet game, peoples? Damn short attention span of Crunchyrollers).


>you must bring up 1 reason why Kaitou Kid is better than Kaito Kuroba

>you must bring up 1 reason why Kaito Kuroba is better than Kaitou Kid

>then you have to say and DECIDE who you like more, Kid or Kaito. There is no in between answer, sorry. It's either one or the other, NOT BOTH. It's that or none. But I can understand how you would like both, lol

>treat them and talk about them as separate people in this game. It's easier that way XD

>you need to participate in the poll! Answer the poll question!

>and you MUST use FULL SENTENCES. No rubbish answers no one can understand

Okay, me first.

1. Kaitou Kid is way more mysterious (and therefore hotter XP) than Kaito. Kaito's not an International Criminal wahahaha!

2. Kaito is so cute and approachable, unlike Kid! I'd like him as my friend or more any day! Kid is like someone you can never reach, but Kaito is actually "mortal" hahahaha.

3. Okay, fine: I like Kaitou Kid more. Sorry, that's the mood I'm in right now. And that's only cuz I have to pick one. See? It's hard for me too.

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