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Created by omegaslime
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Post Reply Is Yamashita a guy or girl?
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F / Fandavale - Magic...
Posted 7/12/10
YAMASHITA IS A BOY!!! he is just admire morishita & look up to him. Satoru is a boy name no girl is named satoru.
most people mistake him as a girl & that he has romantic interest to moritsugu but he doesn't. the scene in the beach where he wore a bikini was just a joke by shizuna & rachel. i don't know why he went along with idea wearing a bikini maybe he has tendency to be a homo or androgynous.
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21 / M
Posted 1/11/11
It's a boy, an gay boy, though they do make him cross dress from time to time the fact remains that they address him as a 'he' in the manga the original source of all this stupid controversy
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20 / M
Posted 4/27/11 , edited 4/27/11
i know in the anime episode 21 "wings of madness" english they call yamashita a she like 3 time and a her a few times but i don't know anything about the mange. All i know is that some times the manga and the anime arent the same, But what do i know all i can tell you is that i dont know much about the manga but i saw all 24 episodes of the anime. at 13:38 they say her and at 13:42 they say she and at 13:47 they say she again and at 14:11 they say she again. Episode 12 is the beach episode and the squid that was taking all the girls and only the girls it did have Yamashita so i dont know but that is something to think about and you can see Yamashita at 16:58.
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20 / M / Brooklyn
Posted 8/31/13
Satoru's androgynous appearance and stature have often had her mistaken for a boy, the subject of which has become a running gag within the manga/anime series
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19 / Wonderland
Posted 9/5/13 , edited 9/5/13
I don't know where most of you seem to be getting your information from, but from a majority of Japanese sites Satoru is indeed a boy. The classification of miss/her in the manga was a beginning mistake made by somebody basing off the appearance rather than the male -kun kanji used, and the translator just kept going with it.

The Japanese version of Wikipedia and the Robot Wars wiki both have him listed as a boy, as well as our own Wikipedia.

I saw that somebody had said the official website lists as she. It absolutely does not. The website has no gender identifier at all for Satoru Yamashita, on neither the Japanese version or the Japanese-English translated (both from the same site, but you can activate an English version) version.

The only thing anybody should be debating over with Satoru is his extremely questionable sexual preference. All else fails I will make it my personal goal to contact the mangaka and ask him myself.
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Posted 10/24/13 , edited 10/24/13
That beach episode but was it a joke or something else....
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