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Hey ichirukizzzz :3

Since people requested for a membership cards. I'm approving it and I hope it'll make the members more active ne?

Here's what yah got to do:

1. upload an Ichiruki pic or choose from the album of the group, who you think is the best for our upcoming membership cards.
2. yah can only post ONCE and that would be it, so choose THE BEST pic for it!

Please guys before I'll have a break from feb till march 20, I need to get the best stuffs needed so I could work on it quickly. I'm giving you guys 4 DAYS starting this January 14 up to January 19.

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Posted 1/14/09 , edited 1/15/09
thanx to hinaharu for the pix... but i really do like this picture and was thinking if it might work or not. it's cute and strong at the same time so I just wanted to put it out there....

and i know that u say we can post ONLY once, but... just in case this one doesn't work, then I like this one also
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