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Posted 1/14/09

Yoailove019 on youtube has very kindly upload ALOT of stuff from the game, the sounds a bit off, and its not in english but the art and the "CG events" Are great!
they've made some playlists with each game thing on though they said the playlists might be a bit mixed up, i didnt really have a problem with them but they said to tell them if there is.

Junjou Romantica playlist (MisakixUsagi)

Junjou Egoist playlist (HirokixNowaki)

Junjou Terrorist playlist (MiyagixShinobu)

if you have a youtube i recommend you subscribe. I have, so i can see when they've added new videos
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Posted 1/14/09
thanks.. i havent finished watching it when i saw it yesterday.. but it was awesome.. i wish i can play the PS2 game....
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Posted 1/16/09
lmao i cant believe gthey made it into a game! thats so cool
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