Post Reply If you could create a sequel to Spirited Away, what would it go like?
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Posted 1/14/09

so haku actually told her to not look back because he if she did he would have no choice but to rape her or somthing, and then chihiro goes to her school and she's all bahhh i hate this i wanna see haku. and then haku was secretly trying to kill the old hag, but chihiro was there and he got wayyy side he kills her and then makes everyone eat pork and have a feast. So meanwhile chihiro runs away from home and trys to drown herself thinking haku was SOO gonna save her but like he never shows. luckily there was a life gaurd so shes all ok im alive, and she goes back home all sad. SO chihiro's like omg omg omg i hhhaavvve to see haku so she goes to the tunnel and screams open sesame. and then haku comes to her world to her world and they rape ..


the end.

dontchya think?

lols if you can top that or post a sequel to MY sequel (has to be rlyrly awsome though) i will video tape myself eating a worm and post it on youtube for your enjoyment.

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Posted 2/27/09
well,,,ONe day suddenly,Haku transfered to her school and she's like O...M....G????And so she's been wondering if he would ever tell her how he managed to get away from that witch[or you say old hag].And then a few weeks after that he suddenly kiss her and they lived happily ever after. how'bout that??? i know your's is better.....i made an effort though.
Posted 3/26/09
hmm, well I also somehow always think that he haku suddenly shows up and transfers to her school, thus shes in complete shock but also really happy to see him there. I have an idea that he would only turn up when they're about 16 and Chihiro has a younger sister and her parents are always away on buisness trips. For some reason chihiro knows shes gonna die soon but hasn't told any one, so while hakus and her relationship build up she starts getting weaker and weaker but she's able to hide it from every one... and then all this great stuff happens (too long to explain :D) and then in the end she dies but since she spent so much time in the spirit world she somehow goes back there, and they meet again when haku goes back grieving...

yes I know mines lame but thats just one of my many versions this is the saddest one though...
Posted 4/15/09
Well...I like how the movie ended,but if my sequel would...

It starts of with Chihiro having these strange dreams every night.She keeps seeing shadowy figures and strange buildings...And she hears a voice calling out her name....She wakes up and goes to school,but keeps feeling that she's forgetting something she shouldn't be.Her classmates think she's nice but strange,so they keep away.The next day as she's walking to school,she suddenly sees a little path in the woods.She thinks it's a short cut and she follows it.She comes to a tunnel and she's afraid but goes in anyway.She sees shadowy images on the walls like dreams...And the flashes of her former adventure and Haku keep coming back to her.She starts running without knowing why, but she's scared and she sees a light at the end of the tunnel.She goes there and...all she sees is a vast ocean before her.She's in a cliff and she slips and falls into the sea.There is a brilliant light and she wakes up in a garden.A large scary figure is before her with red eyes and it's reaching for her when a young man steps between her and sends it away with some magic turns around and it's Haku! Chihiro thinks he looks very familiar but Haku knows it's her and he hugs her saying how she ended up in the Spirit World again.She tells him to go away,and he's hurt,but he knows she won't remember him.Haku tries to fill her in on what happened a couple years back,and she suddenly she remembers him and all that happened.He tells her that the Spirit World is overrun with demons who are being controlled by a Greater Power.It started because when of her.She asks why and he says when a human falls into their World they should not ever leave it,but she was able too,and that broke a centuries long curse.(While he told her all this they walked back to the Bath House).The Bath House looks completely different and is in shambles.He leads her inside and she meets some old friends...They talk about what's happened.Chihiro visits Yubaba (i forgot her name lol).She finds Yubaba is dying,and her baby has vanished.She asks Chihiro to find him...Blah blah...(She's actually fond of Chihiro now and she promises to help her go back to her world)Chihiro and Haku set out in the Spirit World.They take the Train to different places...Meet different people...Chihiro finds out that the Spirit World is actually a Limbo of sorts...The Shadow People that are here are actually trapped souls that cannot move on.
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Posted 8/11/09
wow guys...
you really have creative minds...
mine would go like this...

when chichiro grew up....
they met again but did not recognized each other..
then something happened and they realised that they were meant to be together
and ended up loving each other
and they lived
happily ever after
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Posted 9/9/09
Well, the most important thing would be for Haku and Chihiro too meet up again.... maybe if Haku became a transer in Chihiro's new school? And too start excperiencing normal human life.... That would make the sequel great for me :]
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Posted 7/17/10
it would be nice if they made one but idk lol
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Posted 7/17/10
Yeah.... I wish they did make a sequel... this ending leaves you a bit hanging...
Posted 7/21/11
Wtf o.o Most of the times, people ruin original movies with sequels and stuff. (You never know though.) But if I HAD to make one.... Well, let's say Chihiro is 16 and she moved on. And then she meets Haku again...... And I dunno the rest.
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