Pick FIVE ninja techniques.
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Posted 1/14/09 , edited 1/25/09
Pick five techniques you'd think would be the most successful one judging from what already exists. I'm still thinking about mine so I can't start this. But if someone else have thoughts about this, It would be interesting to see your combined jitsus.

A brief explanation of how and why they would work together.
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Posted 1/16/09

well here goes..

1) Naruto's Rasen-Suriken - provides devistating close range attack

2) Naruto's Kage Bushin - provides mass of shadow clones that could distract enemys and collect information aswell as a killer attack!

3) Shikamaru's Shadow binding - disableing enemys gives an obvious advantage

4) Summoning Jutsu - Obvious advantage

5) Healing Jutsu - Heal ma wounds
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Posted 1/17/09
Ok I think I made mine now.

1. Rasen shuriken

2. Sasukes Cursed Seal

3. Itachis Mangekyo Sharingan or (Future technique. If you aint reading the manga then you shouldn't show the spoiler).

4. Summoning technique, the is especially one I like, also shown in the manga atm.

5. I would go for tsunades power fist technique, would allways be handy. And if I met a char that can't be touched through skills, that would be the only weapon.
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Posted 1/27/09
1. rasengan
2. chidori
3. shadow clone
4. summoning tecnique
5. rase-suriken
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Posted 3/4/09
My ideas:

1. Dark Chidori - I love the look and the power it gives off, especially the evil aura it has. It would be a greater finisher. . . .

2. Rasen-shuriken - watching Naruto use it in the manga was neat; a bad word to describe it ( laughs ), but I like the weapon design and the air element. This would also be a title finishing move.

3. Shikamaru's shadow possesion - In shippuden, Shikamaru really applies his skills with shadow possession and has greatly advanced - his signature techniques would be great to stun and defeat enemies in a bad situation.

4. Itachi's Mangekyo - Sharingan is one of my favorite weapons in the series. . . . Mangekyo is quite dangerous and I like Itachi's. It would be best to finish enemies with this genjutsu if you had enough chakra left but were physically unable to damage them.

5. Deidara's clay bombs - Besides the fact that I love art, Deidara's clay attack is one of my favorite due to the way he makes art out of bombs with his tongued ( sp? ha-ha ) hands and everything. Plus, this attack would be perfect for long-range!

Yes, those are my detailed thoughts. Hope you enjoyed them! :3
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