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Posted 1/14/09
Is TVXQ secretly filming a new music video in Saipan? Apparently so, according to a Bulgarian / Russian girl who works in a hotel in Saipan. This Bulgarian / Russian girl posted this on her personal blog (translated by Leia Greenleaf) -

Our guests will have a lot of fun during the next 5 days! Tomorrow the Asian Backstreet Boys - DBSK are arriving at the PIC hotel. They are number one in the charts of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Thailand. 5 teenagers (the oldest is 21 years old) will shoot a new MV for their upcoming album “Picture of you” at our hotel. They'll also have a photo shoot and film a reality show, which will be released on a DVD.

They are arriving with a team of 35 members, but our club mate (no idea what she meant) girls will be models for the MV. Pop-idols like to have white girls in their MV so, most likely, our Russian girls – animators will be the models. I think than there will be enough white beautiful ladies for them, because more than 130 Russian families are currently staying at the hotel. The idols are lucky!
The most fun in their schedule is the reality show shootings: pop stars will participate in different funny games and will prepare a breakfast in the Magellan restaurant! I think our guests will enjoy such an exclusive entertainment – “games with the pop stars” Of course, the security is much tighter now, because it won’t be hard for their fans in Korea and Japan to find out where their idols are. But we were told about the arrival of Dong Bang Shin Ki just yesterday.

There's no pictures, and it's just one girls word so this is all just rumor at the moment.
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