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Do you think Ignorance is bliss?
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Posted 11/10/09
Absolutely not. If you aren't informed, you can't make good decisions about things that need to be done. One huge example of this is global warming. Thankfully, world leaders are meeting in Copenhagen on November 30th to discuss waht needs to be done in an educated way. But what if that DIDN'T happen? What if we all just ignored the problem and lived as though it wasn't there? I'll tell you: sea levels would rise by 5 meters, glaciers would melt causing fresh water sources for many towns to be eliminated, weather systems as extreme as Katrina would be NORMAL, tropical forests would suffer severe drought, the Atlantic CURRENT would be completely eliminated causing extreme snows in Europe, and don't even get me STARTED on desforestation. Deforestation on too large a scale can cause flooding, extra carbon in the atmosphere, and less oxygen for humans to breathe. Has anyone here ever read the history of Easter Island? It's fucking SCARY. Deforestation brought their complex civilization to RUIN.

So, basically, on THIS topic, ignorance is DISASTER. Ignorance means mass flooding, natural disasters everywhere, even more overpopulation problems, and eventual suffocation from our own stupidity in regards to cutting down trees. KNOWING the issue leads to INFORMED DECISIONS which can prevent disasters. So there.
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